Free Essay - Prompt Separation of Incompatible Inmates.

Published: 2023-02-14
Free Essay - Prompt Separation of Incompatible Inmates.
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Progressive discipline and security transfers between different correctional facilities or different cell blocks for troublesome inmates or those in danger.

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Man-management of 'difficult' prisoners with disruptive behavior like sexual predation. Method occasionally involves using force on inmates who attack wardens.

Institution of lockdowns in cases of a substantial threat to safety and security.

The control capacity is dependent on the construction design of the prison building, and the population mix (Lockup Chicago, 2019). The primary features considered with regard to control include:

  • Secure towers with a 360-degree view of the vicinity, with armed guards manning these towers and alert to potential danger.
  • Buildings with good sight lines.
  • Secure internal gating, and zonal fencing on the outside.
  • The size of the site and overall layout.

Comment on these methods

Notably, these methods are effective because they provide an elaborate response mechanism in case of disruption, and maintain a status of greater power and control for the wardens. However, the use of firearms to stop fights is risky because innocent inmates may be caught in crossfire. Moreover, the regular transfers may cause the prisoner to become dissociated from factors that help to keep their behavior in check.

Pros Cons

  • Pairing of compatible inmates promotes harmony with minimal supervision.
  • Use of violence on one inmate sends a stern message to others.
  • Good sight lines facilitate supervision from a distance.
  • Towers manned by armed guards promote all-round security. Costliness regarding implementation of control capacity methods.
  • Lockdowns shut inmates from the outside world, hence may trigger mental breakdowns and violent behavior.

Based on the utilitarian ethical theory, all these methods are completely ethical. Notably, these prisoners are a danger to society, hence the incarcerations. Moreover, controversial methods like lockdowns and use of firearms are the result of their misbehavior, and this must be stopped.

Terry Dibble

Terry is involved with the criminal system for murdering two men, which earned him a prison sentence of more than 45 years. Specifically, he is at Stateville after being transfer for fighting in the previous prison. He is contending with issues like: detachment from his mother and lover, substandard food, and a court hearing to request for transfer back to the former penitentiary. His coping mechanisms include art, and maintaining contact with his mother and lover.

Effect of armed guards

The armed guards on the towers accentuate the overall safety, and reduce violence within the prison. Prison situations such as lockdowns and substandard services make inmates edgy, but the knowledge that misconduct might trigger the use of a shotgun promotes self-restraint.

Issue of isolation and effects of outside contact

Notably, incarceration equates to social isolation, which predisposes inmates to a psychiatric syndrome encompassing despair, depression and potentially violent behavior (Cochran & Mears, 2013). However, maintaining outside contact gives them hope, which alleviates the occurrence of this syndrome.

Issues unique to gay inmates and how to handle them

The constant threat of attack by intolerant inmates, and the threat of rape. Isolation of gay prisoners from the general prison will prevent attacks by intolerant individuals while instituting extra supervision in the gay-only blocks mitigates the chances of rape.

Increased risk of contracting HIV when they engage in intercourse. There is a need to acknowledge that gay activities do happen and provide condoms to control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Conditions that need improving at Statefield, specific actions, and rationale

  • Improve the quality of food. Institution of a prison labor system whereby qualified prisoners prepare the meals for pay.
  • The money supports the inmate's spending during the sentence and provides some financial independence after prison.
  • Substandard food contributes to edginess and a propensity for misbehavior.
  • Prolong visiting hours Reschedule the visiting day timetables to incorporate additional hours. Maintaining contact with the outside world offers mental respite, which protects from psychiatric syndrome.


Cochran, J. C., & Mears, D. P. (2013). Social isolation and inmate behavior: A conceptual framework for theorizing prison visitation and guiding and assessing research. Journal of Criminal Justice, 41(4), 252-261.

Lockup Chicago's Most Violent Prison 2016 Documentary. (2018, January 19). Retrieved from

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