Essay Example on Stars and Stripes: American Soldiers' Newspaper of World War 1

Published: 2023-08-10
Essay Example on Stars and Stripes: American Soldiers' Newspaper of World War 1
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The primary source entails a whole The Stars and Stripes World War 1 edition that runs for seventy-one-week. The publication used to unfold the experience of the soldiers while in the war. It was published in France, with the effort of American Expeditionary Forces (AEF), from the United States Army from 8th February 1918 up to 13th June 1919. This came to be after General John J. Pershing demanded a newspaper for soldiers, who were on the battlefront; scripted by the servicemen. On the front page, Pershing acknowledged and extended his greetings to the scribes, editors, and even the readers.

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The publication was mostly dedicated to the soldiers. It offered a chance for the front battlers to express themselves, to know if they are elated or if there was a need for improvement in the forces. It should be considered that the primary readers of the publication were soldiers. The newspaper's main aim was to give morale to the members of the forces and strengthen the bond between the troops. This was significant in the time since they were in the war. The need for information was necessary for the fighters. This equipped them with progress, achievements, and, more so, encouragement amongst the soldiers.

As it is indicated, the publication was well received. It was mainly distributed among the soldiers with the first publication distributing a thousand copies. On its first anniversary, the publication had reached over half a million people. According to the sources, the content in the newspaper highly contributed to its success. Apart from distributing physical publications, the extra effort of distributing online was impacted. The paper was delivered via email to the subscribers also. This was the wisest move. It also largely contributed to the success of the newspaper.

However, the newspaper was exclusively published in France with a unique layout. It had a full column, headlines, and congested illustrations. Also, there were a lot of attributions that entailed a list of career journalists. Journalists like Alexander Woollcott- a New York Times Drama Critic, and Lieutenant Guy T. Viskniskki- a Wheeler Newspaper Syndicate journalist were enlisted. This was a fascinating take since, through acknowledging their efforts, they were motivated to work. This vividly shows how the newspaper was not biased. Despite the publication being for soldiers, those who were involved like the journalists were also acknowledged. Although the publication was considered to be from the United States government, its roots were international until it was published in France in its seventeenth-month run. Therefore, it added to its fame and readability.

The primary source was and remains significant in the forces. As indicated, the publication was used to strengthen the relationships between different forces in the United States. Therefore, in modus operandi, unity among soldiers is fundamental to winning the war. However, it is also mentioned that it encouraged the front fighters. It was a brilliant idea.

Additionally, sharing experiences in the war was also commendable. It gave the soldiers the courage to hold on with the first. It should also be noted that information is relevant in any scenario; in that war too, information was significant. This alerted the fighters on the happenings. The greetings and recommendations of General John J. Pershing on the front page were a good idea. It kept the soldiers knowing they are recognized. I would urge that such special publications should be in existence to unite and strengthen the forces not only in the United States but globally. Through this, the lives of the soldiers will be able to be transformed. Those passing through hardships will be motivated by their fellows to keep on fighting. The security of the nation is highly dependent on the forces. Therefore the need to recognize them with such publications is vital.


Pickett, Calder M. "A paper for the doughboys: Stars and Stripes in World War I." Journalism Quarterly 42, no. 1 (1965): 60-68.

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