Star Wars - Free Essay Example on the Movie

Published: 2019-08-30
Star Wars - Free Essay Example on the Movie
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The movie Star Wars is a science fiction movie that premiered in theaters on 25th Nay 1977. Its production was designed by John Barry, under the supervision of John Dykstra and the story written by George Lucas. Start Wars is a movie that deeply embeds arts and also rejuvenates the thrilling experience of a movie. The movie uses a highly advanced technology which greatly brings out a great audio experience in sound and motion. Star Wars is a movie created for the young generation, and it involves the use of sci-fi hardware, bizarre creatures, ravishing images, mysticism, and heroism. It also features the series called Flash Gordon in the use of moral code from samurai and cowboy movies.

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The Star Wars movie reflects a galactic civil war where rebels are trying to challenge the tyrannical imperial empire. Followed by this, the empire is forced to get revenge with a doomsday weapon which is a killer space station that has enough firepower to destroy a whole plant in a single burst. The rebel base is haunted by the death star so that it can be atomized. Followed by this, the destiny of the rebel state id forcefully placed in the power of the mercenaries and idealists who choose the fabulous images of Wizard Oz to become victorious in achieving what was best for their society/community.

The movie features a fresh faced farm orphan named Luke, who is filled with romantic desires for the glory. Luke sets out on a mission against the imperial empire to seek revenge for the deaths of his family and also to rescue their rebel Prince Leia from her locked up prison on the imperial space station where he says that he is Lucas and there to offer rescue services. Luke has a spiritual guide who is an aged warrior knight who also belongs to the mystical order of the Forces. The Force is based on a cosmic energy which tied the universe together and also from which the samurai knight get their power. They have spaceships captain named Harrison Ford, who is a smuggler and also carries his ray gun. He also has his sidekick and co-pilot, who are seven and a half foot, one hundred years old wookie, and a furry beast which has a monkey face.

There are also two robots that support the motley group where one resembles the tin man Oz and the bronze coated humanoid. The robots partner is a tripod robot that communicates in whistling squeals in both panic and scared time durations. The Star Wars movie is based on shootouts with laser guns and the battle of supersonic fighters. It also features great animation, imaging and artistic features. It also offers great narratives that which features great story tales of heroes, aliens that most of us remember from our childhoods, and this helps us to relate the movies theme. The Star Wars movie also involves a bronzed robot lost in a golden desert, nomadic sands also people riding on elephant. Luke also uses a propelled air cushioned hover car and death to the end of the swords that has blades with beams of light.

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