Free Essay on Integumentary Disorder Diseases

Published: 2022-10-12
Free Essay on Integumentary Disorder Diseases
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Tinea Versicolor is fungal infections of the skin which appears as a rash and is caused by the yeast in the body grow out of control. TineaVersicolor occurs in most cases due to oily skin, hot climate, weakened the immune system or excessive sweat. TineaVersicolor can affect anyone, and it is not contagious. Some areas of the skin are always different in color from the surrounding regions resulting to lighter or darker patches or spots which can occur in any part of the body but mostly happens on the neck, chest, back, and arms.

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Seborrheic Dermatitis, on the other hand, is the red itchy rash on the scalp which contains flaky scales.In most cases, it appears similar to allergic reactions and may result from stress, genes, cold and dry weather or yeast in the skin or medicines. Seborrheic Dermatitis, mainly affects the newborn and adults aged thirty to sixty years and its symptoms are cradle cap and dandruff. Seborrheic Dermatitis, in most cases, occur in the face but can occur in any other part of the body.

PityriasisRosea is a rash occurring on the upper arm, neck, thigh or torso. PityriasisRosea is a viral infection and can affect anyone despite the age and gender (Urbina et al., 2017). The patch is always oval or circular which after a period is joined by other smaller patches, but it leaves no scars after healing. The patches range in size of 0.5 cm to 1.5cm and mainly appear and do not affect the face. Vitiligo is the condition where white patches occur in the skin and appear in any part of the body with most times victims having many patches. The skin color loss is always due to the destruction of melanocytes which is responsible for the formation of pigments. Vitiligo is easily noticeable in dark-skinned people but can affect anyone irrespective of the race.

The patient's history and physical examination enable accurate and timely diagnosis which becomes cost-effective because it prevents unnecessary testing (Muhrer, 2014). The patient's investigation during the physical exam which entails the history allows the physician to select the most relevant diagnostic testing thus reducing the patient's volume increase. A genuinely given patient's history and a thoroughly conducted physical examination provide more and vital information than testing can and capturing of most of this information is without the awareness of the patient (Oyedokun et al., . For the adult patients, it is always the most appropriate method since they can give the info without alteration. In our case study, for example, the patient's history and physical examination have played a significant role in the identification of the possible disorder affecting the patients without testing. The role played by assessment of the patient's history and physical examination in diagnosis is enormous for the two to be ignored at any given time.

From the diagnosis, it seems like the patient was suffering from PityriasisRosea which clears up by itself in eight to ten weeks. The itching is, however, preventable by application of \]calamine lotion or zinc oxide. The artificial light providing ultraviolet rays also reduces the duration of the rashes; with ultraviolet radiation therapy recommended as a possible treatment to PityriasisRosea. There also creams like such as steroid creams and emotes which can be acquired from the pharmacists to fasten the recovery process.


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