Essay Example: Hospitality Industry Career Opportunities

Published: 2023-01-06
Essay Example: Hospitality Industry Career Opportunities
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The hospitality industry applies to almost every business that focuses on satisfying customer needs instead of basic needs. Being a very large and broad industry it has different segments that deal with various customer satisfaction factors. They are; event planning, lodging, cruise line, transportation, event planning, tourism, and the food industry. It is a multi-billion company because it focuses on satisfying the needs of people on their leisure time and it fully depends on that and insubstantial income (Gordon, 2008).

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Food and beverages segment

This is the largest segment in the hospitality business and is fondly referred to as F& the United States of America it is confirmed that this segment of hospitality provides 50% of all meals that are consumed in the country. This segment involves in preparing beverages, snacks, and meals that are for actual consumption from the premises or outside. First class customer service and provision of perfect food can be acquired when there is a combination of a hotel and a restaurant.

This segment can be incorporated in various kinds of business where there is dealing with substantial numbers of people like a movie theatre. In this segment, there are a lot of professionals who are employed. There are managers, supervisors, and chefs who are categorized according to their specialization and the service people.

Tourism and travel

This segment deals with the provision of services of clients moving from one place to another. The buses, plains, ships and boats, taxi cabs and passenger trains are all part of this segment. These people are in for pleasure and to explore while on a trip while spending a lot of finances on food beverages and lodging as well as recreation as they move around. There are people who are also on business trips but also spend money on the same kind of recreational purposes to those on leisure trips.

This segment objective is to encourage people to travel more by giving them the required travel services and make their movement worthwhile and less tiresome as well as creating some fun. The segment has employed a lot of tour guides, chefs who prepare meals for the tourist and drivers who help in movement.


This is the segment where the is the provision of a place to sleep or stay maybe a room, rooms which have many more of the kind under the same roof for either night, days or a short period of times. There are other people who stay longer. The lodging segment is also referred to as the lodging industry which entails; motels, hostels, hotels and other business apartments that give people a place to sleep at a certain fee.

This segment need from other segments like tourism and travel because mostly the travelers and tourists are the ones who are in need of lodgings. It also has employed lodging managers, service people who take care of the lodgings, front office and cashiers.

Meeting and event planning

This is a very crucial area in the tourism business because it deals with arrangements that need a lot of coordination. These segments arrange locations of the meeting which are mostly professional, harmonizing the plan of events, movement and transportation and very many other relating need needs that come up dealing with events.

For events to be planned and ran properly there must be event planners, meeting attendees, the hospitality personnel who provide the catering services and drivers due to a lot of movement and transportation of caterers and catering materials.

Cruise line industry

This is the fastest growing segment in the hospitality industry. It is a new way of leisure and relaxing in the world. People create great memories in the cruise ships and families are going for holidays in them. The cruising line has expanded rapidly in the few past years and it is the largest earning segment in the tourism industry. Tourist likes the beaches and seas making the cruising line a big market.

This market is the largest and needs a lot of employees. It's an all-round market that needs almost all the hospitality specialists. This is because the cruise line offers hotel services, tourism, and lodging services all in one.

The hospitality industry creates and offers employment to very large numbers of people because of the subdivision of categories which are the segments listed above. The hospitality industry grows every day through the opening of more sectors that create employment. Generally, people love leisure, people travel every time which is increasing daily and the rise of more people who want ready quality food leads to new opening of hospitality related businesses (Pavelkova, 2008). The business offers a large variety of expertise to offer the various kind of services in the tourism segments as it is a twenty-four o'clock market as tourist and travelers come in at any time.

With a hospitality management degree, one can do a lot of jobs. The best job for me in this industry is a chef. Being a chef one is able to learn a lot and gain experience in preparing almost all kinds of dishes and know what certain people prefer. Cooking is a passion and one needs it to prepare the best meals out of the recipes. I will also be able to create my own recipes which will be of help when I decide to open my own restaurant as this market expands daily. Being a chef I will enable to gain even the managerial skills which just needs observing.


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