Free Essay Example on Mel Gibson's Mental Illness

Published: 2020-04-27
Free Essay Example on Mel Gibson's Mental Illness
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Mental sickness also known as mental disorder is a psychological disorder that makes one to have a reduced ability that cannot enable them to function as normal persons (Bennett 75) Mental illness has various symptoms and signs; it depends on the effect it has on the certain individual. Also, the causes of the mental disorder are often unclear. Medical personnels have compiled ways of defining mental disorder by how one feels, thinks, perceives and acts. These acts and feelings are associated and commanded by some parts of the brain. Mental disorder is a part of mental health problems (Bennett 75). Scientists are digging dipper into the causes and cure of mental disorder in their study known as psychopathology.

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After one has been suspected of mental disorder careful observation should be made on their behavior, and this explained to a psychiatrist to determine if they are a victim or not. The most common mental disorders are dementia, depression, and schizophrenia. Discrimination by people and stigma can add or accelerate the mental illness and may even lead to disability caused by mental disorder.

There are various causes of mental disorders with the most common being genetical inheritance, and use of drugs (Bennett 75) This may come in different ways with the most influencing factors being in childhood, these factors may include childhood trauma, separation from families, use of cannabis Sativa or even discrimination and migration.

Mental illness can be treated on realized with the various diagnoses. The psychiatrist will recognize the perfect treatment by observing the behavior of their patients and giving the right recommendations. This mostly involves interviewing the victim and taking into account their reaction to the act they did.

The most common form of the mental disorder is known as bipolar disorder (Bennett 75). This kind of mental disorder is characterized by at times elevated moods and others depression. Its cause is not clearly known. Bipolar disorder may at times lead to a person becoming a genius or mentally challenged. A perfect example of an individual who suffered bipolar disorder and ended up becoming a genius is Professor John Nash. John Nash was able to regulate and control his medical disorder. However in the case of Mel Gibsons his mental disorder has led to his downfall in his career.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson, who is a famous American film producer and actor, was born in Peekskill in the year 1956(Clarkson, 4). He is the second born of a family of eleven. His father, Hutton Gibson was a famous writer. He is very well known as an American action hero as he featured in several series. His roles in lethal weapon buddy cop where he plays as Martin Riggs is a good example of his action hero. When he 12years, he moved into Network with his parents (Clarkson, 4). He is a professional actor; he studied acting at Nairobi Institute of Dramatic Art.

As a student, he made his first film debut that he sold at $400. Also in his school time he played the character role in the movie Romeo and Juliet. He has also featured as a guest actor in several television roles. He later founded an independent film production company in the 10980s together with an independent film director Atom Egoyan. This earned him an award for the best actor from Australian film institute.

His career started late in 1976, where he played a role in the the Sullivans which was a TV series. He has appeared in a total of 43 films. He has produced a total of 11 films, directed four films among the 43. His film list ranges from animated films, featured films, televisions films, and series.

Gallipoli is one of the films that helped earn Gibson good reputation. This movie also helped gain him the Hollywood agent Ed limato. Later in 1995 he featured as a star in the epic historical drama film brave heart. For this, he won two awards that are: academic award for the best director and the award for Golden Globe. He was the directed some other films such as Passion of the Christ (Corley 29). This is a controversial film that explains about the final hours of Jesus Christ. He also later did some production and directing in the movie Apocalypto (Beal, 46).

He started his role as a producer after succeeding in Hollywood in the series lethal weapon. After this, he began movie directing and production. And in the year 1989 he formed Icon Productions with the aim of making the film Hamlet (Ragan 14 ).This production house has done many of small movies for instance immortal and others like ideal husband. He did several production projects for the television, like the PBS documentary which about the carrier and the three stooges. Mel Gibson gives credits to his director; Richard Donner, George Miller and Peter Weir for acting as his teachers and enlightening him in this film industry.Mel Gibsons mental illness

Mel Gibsons reputation has been in the headlines several times. In 2010 Gibsons voicemail to her girlfriend leaked, he was threatening her life and using insulting and profane language((Ragan 43).This wasnt the first time he had his reputation on fire, in 2006 Gibson had launched an anti-Semitic to a police officer who had tried to arrest him. His actions have been speculated to be caused by mental disorder. He initiated the speculations after he mention was diagnosed with a mental disorder. According to Doctor Douglas Bey Jr, he exhibits similar behaviors with someone who has a mental disorder. Some of these symptoms are: Irritability he argues that his actions needed to be controlled by use of mood stabilizers (Ragan 44). Lack of these drugs could be what the cause of him being irritable was. The most common signs of the mental or bipolar disorder are non-compliance with medicine and anger. Gibson displays this on his voicemails to her girlfriend. The fact that he threatens her life craves some doubts about the mental condition of Mel Gibson it was reported that during his productions he used profanes words like fuck. People with mental disorder exhibit poor judgment, agitation, irritation and aggressive behavior. This is some of the signs that Mel Gibson presents. After his diagnosis with a mental disorder, he started taking a drug to control and cool his moods.

Mel Gibson was also reported of punching her girlfriend several times. Also, addiction is another common symptom of mentally disordered people (McAvoy 13). Mel Gibson is alcoholic..Some has described him of being angry and insensitive to her girlfriend. He was also reported of heating up with her ex-mother. He has in one incident accepted that he did beat her up and that she deserved it. His drunkenness problem may have accelerated his mental disorder.

A psychiatrist mentioned that Mel Gibsons mentioned that pants during his speech and recordings (Rubin 243). This is a minor sign of mental disorder which could have been accelerated by his alcohol usage.

Effects on his career

After his encounter with her girlfriend, and the clear indication that he is mentally ill Sources have it that people are scared of him and that during his productions he uses profane words (adding 2).This has significantly affected his career. The mental disorder has led to Mel Gibsons concentrating on his career. His career has been a debate after he released that tape. However, he acknowledged that he has mental disorder during an interview on Oprah, and he apologized for mistreating the police officer (adding 4). His behavior has led him to be duped by his agency. Mel Gibson has become one of the victims who have been fired from Hollywood productions. This has been like a result of his uncontrolled drunkenness and use of crude language.

The behavior of a person and a colleague during acting usually matters a lot. His behavior and use of profane language are very crucial in his career. Being a renowned actor and a famous individual this leakage of the tape and the news that he was mentally disordered clearly affected his career very much.

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