Paper Example. Speculative Futures

Published: 2023-03-14
Paper Example. Speculative Futures
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Jobs worldwide are continuously on a decline; with day to day technological advances and discoveries, more jobs get lost. Technology is a job destroyer but also has the advantage of the creation of new posts worldwide. Studies show that the average number of the world's population is jobless, and those with jobs have earned a significantly low income. In spite of the generation of low incomes, most of them end up doing long hours at their respective occupations.

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Employers over the years provide very minimal benefits to their employees, which unravels inequality even to more extreme ends. The danger of technological unemployment has brought about utilizing automation worldwide is alarming. The solutions are there, but the need for implementations is in need. Decoupling of income from occupational grounds employing a policy known as unconditional basic income is one of the critical solutions that need scrutinization.

Buckminster Fuller, a topologist, suggests that we need to accomplish everything from nothing. The theory suggests that there is a need for money exchange for acquiring necessities of life, food, and shelter. Work also has to be exchanged for us to get hold of the bucks. The result is that for us to exist, there is ample requirement to exchange work. Theoretically, survival in a system where private property is established and reinforced, the exchange needs to be done.

Cash is one of the essential survival tools in the world, and it carries with it the power to get one out of poverty and also to improve the conditions of our health. Universal basic income, if it got implemented, the need for social security would be discarded. Nevertheless, middle-class individuals would have the advantage of been empowered. Basic income would render support to unpaid care workers.

Christina sheds light on the plight suffered by most people around the world; machines are more valued and trusted than the work the hands of a human can accomplish. Christina compares humans with cows and how they breed to produce better and more amounts of milk. They are availed with numerous resources for them to prosper. Similarly, the use of technology by humans is generally for time saving and generation of more productivity.

Yuval Noah draws out one major point, pointing out that advancement in technology will not only have the effect of extinction old jobs but create new ones. People will need to cope and retain to regenerate themselves not once but numerous times. As technology keeps on changing, so do the people need to change their tactics.

Ezra Stern's concern is with the remarks made by Noah Harari that soon, technology will be advanced such that a few people will possess the power to control the data of everyone, and hence, they will manage them. Ezra, in his view, does have a point, but waiting for the future to unfold itself is a calamity waiting to reveal itself. Harari points out that economic benefits will only benefit only a small crowd of people. Harris worries that through technology, advancement will be beneficial in work simplicity; it will wipe out the rule of law but also scrape away objectives of freedom (2018).In conclusion, all the author's points of view are a directive into what might occur in the foreseeable future. I believe that one should see where he or she is heading. Their articles provide us with possibilities for the near future, knowing about what might affect human life will make them prepare for the future. It is also worth noting that capitalism and democracy have welcomed the advances in technology and have so far adapted to the new technological developments.


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