Medicine Personal Statement - Free Essay

Published: 2017-11-27
Medicine Personal Statement - Free Essay
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Medical School Personal Statement

Medicine is my number one career choice. I did not arrive at this decision inadvertently, but it was rather through a series of episodes of interactions and self-internalization. I believe my desire to help the less fortunate or give back to humanity made me choose it as a viable career. This desire was sparked by the challenges that I faced as a child of Chinese descent in the United States. I believe these challenges have been instrumental in enabling me come into terms with the realities associated with the medical profession. Just like any other field, medicine needs focus and utmost understanding of the humanity in general. This is what I hope to bring to Drexel University College of Medicine once offered an admission.

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My desire to pursue medicine supersedes anything else. I am cognizant of this fact and it is ingrained in my experiences as a Chinese individual in the multicultural United States. Much of my childhood was characterized by myriad questions regarding my nationality and my Chinese ties. Many people around me had a collective notion regarding Chinese which was flawed and founded on the untrue narrative propagated in the media. Being born in the United States was both a blessing in disguise. It allowed me to thrive in a largely multicultural society which taught me to be tolerant of all individuals drawn from all walks of life. I must say these traits were not only acquired from my contextual environment but also from my parents. My parents, at an early stage, saw my potential. They pushed me to learn Chinese, which I must admit I at first hated. It forced me to sacrifice much of my free time. I had to do away with my fun-filled weekends by trading them with the boring Mandarin classes. Looking back, I appreciate these efforts. I am much in touch with my Chinese culture as well as my multiethnic American roots.

Med School Personal Statement

It is these perspectives that continue to thrust me in the medicine path. Drexel University College of Medicine by far stands out as the platform for the attainment of this dream. With the BA/BS/MD accelerated degree program, much of my academic progression will be achieved in a short span of time. The acceleration program further creates an avenue for many of us that are raring to end medical school a year sooner as compared with the traditional bachelor degrees. I believe that such time saved can be put into good use when it comes to the medical career. More patients can be attended too and the shortage of medical practitioners can be curbed or controlled with time. I would wish to be part of this solution made possible by the BA/BS/MD accelerated degree program.

I believe medicine as a career path will put me in the right side of history as one of the many that became selfless for the sake of the global community. I will not only endeavor to treat illnesses, but also seek to fix what ails my community and the global society in general. Medicine is not for the fainthearted and neither is life in general. I am a child of the world which is currently ailing from a variety of problems. I believe I can aid in making it better. This dream can be met through an admission at Drexel University College of Medicine.

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