Spanish-American War - Free Essay in History

Published: 2022-07-07
Spanish-American War - Free Essay in History
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The moment Americans and Spaniards have been hoping for has arrived. At 2.00pm, Marcus Johnson, United States secretary of state and Alejandra Maxwell, Spain ambassador to the US, have signed a treaty to suspend the American Spanish War on behalf of their government. The protocol they have approved defines the conditions on which peace talks between the two countries will be conducted. After signing the cease-fire treaty, George Krooney, the president of the United States, has issued a proclamation on the same.

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The proclamation confirms that president Krooney and his Spanish counterpart have agreed on the agreement conditions before holding peace talks between the two nations. It indicates the commitment of his government to establishing peace between Spain and US. President Krooney proclamation also shows that both countries have agreed to suspend their hostilities to allow peace negotiations to take place.

President Krooney has also proclaimed that military heads from both countries shall be instructed to command their forces to stop the ongoing hostilities and any other activities that contradict the protocol. The U.S commander in chief has concluded his proclamation by signing and sticking the United States seal on his proclamation.

After President Krooney delivered his proclamation, a formal document summarizing the conditions of the peace negotiation between U.S and Spain has been released to us. The following terms will guide the peace negotiations between U.S and Spain governments are:

The U.S will take charge of the Manila city and all its resources before the peace negotiations are over. The outcomes of the talks will determine whether the Philippines administration will regain the control and occupancy of the city.

Spanish administration will renounce its control and power over Cuba.

Spain and U.S will each select over six people to represent their government in the peace negotiation committee, which will come up with a long-term peace agreement strategy. Members of this committee will meet on December 2, 1898, to conclude the matter. All appointed committee members should be present.

Spain will surrender all West Indies and Ladrones islands to the United States. Some of the West Indies islands to be ceded to the US include Puerto Rico and Cuba.

All the people living in West Indies islands shall be shifted immediately to safer areas.

The appointment of committee members who will represent their respective countries in the peace talks shall be done within ten days. After their appointment, the committee shall convene in Havana and San Juan within one month after the signing of the treaty to deliberate on Cuba and Puerto Rico evacuation procedures.

Both governments will notify their military and naval leaders to stop hostilities immediately upon the signing of the treaty.

Looking at the peace negotiation terms critically, the United States will have the upper hand during the peace negotiations. However, Spaniards, Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Americans are hopeful that the peace treaty will resolve the conflict between the US and Spain completely. The outcomes of the peace negotiations are expected to end the Spanish American War. The American and Spanish government will direct their military troops to vacate West Indies islands to allow all the evacuated individuals to return to their respective countries to rebuild their lives.


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