Adjustments Are Needed in the System of Checks & Balances - Free Paper with Article Analysis

Published: 2022-03-03
Adjustments Are Needed in the System of Checks & Balances - Free Paper with Article Analysis
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What is the major subject and theme of the article?

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The major concept which is highlighted in the article is the administrative presidency and check and balances. Some bureaucrats who were in the government agencies undercut the efforts of elected leaders in the white house from implementing policies. They sided more with the Congress than the elected leaders. This made it hard for elected leaders to implement what they promised the electorates. The federal bureaucracy operated as if they were another arm of the State. This drift necessitated the formation of a new group of institutions which fostered the president agenda. This action is what led to the current administrative presidency. The US Supreme Court has been defeated to assert itself in this matter living it to the federal courts The Federal judges have been a big impediment in the actualization of the president goals. They kept issuing injunctions at every action the president makes. This article shows how the Administrative presidency has mutated over the years and why it is vital for them to be overseen.

What major point does the article make?

One of the vital points the article makes is the disconnect between the Administrative State and the judicial oversight. The US Supreme Court has failed to show leadership and constancy while reviewing the Administrative Presidency. Conflicting rulings have been made in the past thus there is no precedent set. The article hi onghlights the important role the judiciary plays. There has to be check and balances. The US Supreme Court should put up measures to control the Administrative presidency so that they don't abuse their powers. If it fails to do that the Administrative presidency will expand its wings thus hindering democracy.

It was hard for companies and citizens to challenge actions taken by the Federal agencies. The US Supreme Court ordered the lower courts to take into considerations that the federal agencies had greater expertise on the subject matter at hand. It is important to note that Congress passed Administrative Procedure Act (APA) to scrutinize the works of the federal agencies. This paved way for a period of accountability. Reforms were caused by the explosion of the judicial oversight for public administration. If any public employee infringes the right of a citizen he could be charged in a federal court. The US Supreme Court advocated for bureaucratic accountability in early 1970. Another important point brought out is how the executive can effectively ensure the federal agency are implementing its policies. Who is responsible to monitor their performance and to ensure they don't infringe on the peoples right.

What is the relevance of the article to the field of public budgeting?

Public budgeting and public administration go hand in hand. Public administrators are mandated by the government to implement its policies. The policies they initiate help the government to run smoothly. One of the pillars of public administration is public budgeting which entails the allocation of limited resources to the various demands of a country. It is therefore paramount for the people who make policies to be involved in budget making. But the Congress has to get involved to offer check and balances to the executive (Robinson, 2013) This will help to detect if there was an oversight in the preparation of the budget. The objective of the budget is to serve the citizens of US. The check and balances will ensure the citizen's needs are prioritized before they approve it.


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