Essay Sample on the Conspiracy Theory: JFK Assassination

Published: 2019-05-16
Essay Sample on the Conspiracy Theory: JFK Assassination
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JFK's assassination is one of the most controversial conspiracy theory in modern American history. President Kennedy was gunned down on November 22, 1963. The conspiracy theories assert that the assassination involved organizations and people other than the alleged killer, Lee Harvey Oswald. Current theorists also point out that the criminal conspiracy surrounding the murder of President Kennedy, involved many parties, including Fidel Castrol, the Cuban President, the Mafia, the KGB, the CIA, Lyndon B. Johnson, the then sitting vice president, as a well as a combination of these entities (Kurtz and Moss, 1988, n.p).

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However, it is commonly known that Lee Harvey Oswald, in 1964, was responsible for JFKs assassination, according to the Warren Commission. The conclusion was reiterated by subsequent investigations (Reeves and Scott, 1994, n.p). However, the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSA) in 1979 asserted that there was a second gunman, but they could not identify him, a conclusion which has been discredited (Conkin and Michael, 2008, n.p). Even so, many Americans, as evidenced from opinion polls, believe that there was a conspiracy to kill the president.

According to Oglesby (1992), the proof that there was foul play, and thus conspiracy in JFKs murders is that there witnesses to the shooting died suspiciously. As Bond reports, a journalist named Jim Marrs reportedly presented a list of al the 113 witnesses who were believed to have died convenient deaths under doubtful situations. Also, another theory points out that the Soviet orchestrated the assassination. Ideally, as Reeves and Scott (1994, n.p) say, at the time, the US and Soviet Union relation were not good. For this reason, a Soviet Premier, Nikita Khrushchev ordered the assassination because he was reportedly embarrassed to back down ensuing the Cuban Missile Crisis. Another theory asserts that the Mafia, which had massive investments in Cuba, shot Kennedy (Baker and Michael, 1992). Further, the mob was left fuming after the unsuccessful Bays of Pigs invasion. Consequently, the Mafia bosses might have carried out the hit (Baker and Michael, 1992). Furthermore, Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded JFK, ordered Kennedys murder. Others say that he was helped by businessmen who would enjoy more profits after he became the president. In addition, another outrageous theory says that Jackie Kennedy, who reportedly had different motives, such as undercover assassin, did it. Some suggest that she hid the gun in a bouquet of flowers. Also, other conspiracy theorists say that the assassination was carried out by the CIA. For instance, there are theories that connect Oswald to the CIA. There are claims that the FBI tampered with his file to make him look like he was acting alone. According to some other theories, JFKs driver did it.

In other theories, since Oswald was a communist sympathizer, the KGB had ordered him to shoot President Kennedy. For instance, in 1959, he had defected to the Soviet Union, however, he changed his mind in 1961, where he returned back to the US. His change of heart might have been induced by the KGB (Oglesby, 1992). Also, in the motorcade, there was a crowd, and in it there was a man with an umbrella, even though it was not raining. Some theorists report that he did it. Lastly, since JFK was too curious about UFO activity, aliens, which are intergalactic, might have murdered him.

From these overwhelming pieces of evidence, I believe that there was foul play in JFKs murder. Also, at the time, there were many people who wanted him dead, including the Mafia, Castro, civil rights segregationists, Lyndon Johnson, anti-communist, the mob, as well as the CIA. For example, the civil rights segregationists did not like him so much because he wanted the war to be ended, and not separate the states. Also, the mob or the mafia cannot work with a good person, with ideals that JFK had, and so, they had to have him murdered so as to enjoy more benefits.

As such, they would have made a move to eliminate him. It is not possible to pin down the actual organization who ordered the hit. For instance, Oswald had defected from the US but returned, meaning that he might have been forced by the KGB to assassinate the president. For this reasons, I believe that there were more than one party involved in the assassination, and therefore, I believe in JFKs assassination conspiracy.

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