Free Essay Sample on Software Maturity Model

Published: 2022-06-28
Free Essay Sample on Software Maturity Model
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Currently, many institutions are investing or have significantly invested in software. Almost in every place that requires management have software that manages daily activities, such as banks, healthcare facilities and companies (ERPs) which has proven to be an essential asset. The software manages production in companies, and in health care facilities mostly it eases in keeping medical records which are crucial in the standard working environments. Software maturity relates to the procedures that a software undergoes which undergoes through levels of support of the organization involved. The Status Quo, transparency, efficiency, reliability, and velocity are among the five stages of software maturity models.

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Status Quo, software development is complex and requires consistency which covers business units, teams, service providers, projects, and applications. Therefore companies that use software to manage their business activities have to use KPIs to assess results across the organization. Therefore developers should be keen on developing software that analyzes the data and performance of the company according to the various departments involved. But first, the developer must connect multiple system records that will help to status quo transparency which is the stage that follows.

In the modern business world, businesses heavily depend on software management since managing some activities can be tedious. It is a challenge to maintain tons of measurements that keep on fluctuating when there is a definite trend in the business. Therefore, companies need a system that gathers information, checks codes, track systems and tests quality control standards. Thus there is a need for the company to be transparent so as the developer will come up with a capable system that monitors the company extensively to the growth of the company.

A software leader or developer must be keen on the efficiency of his or her product when it comes to management or any other task that the software handles. The software should have the capacity to deliver workloads faster for it to be active and for it to be termed as efficient. The efficiency metrics should indicate how the software will aid the company and how it will benefit the company in managerial tasks. For a developer to be keen on the software, there is information that is needed to help discover the organization potential in areas such as investment decisions and other initiatives that influence production and management.

Reliability, the software must be reliable therefore some problems should not arise, and in some way, it should help resolve these problems. Throughout the development process, it is crucial to assess the KPIs so as when the software is being developed, it should be able to resolve some issues that may come up at that particular timeline.

The final stage which is the velocity is where the developers focus on software optimizations that will accelerate time to new standards. This makes it possible to execute plans within a short period and fosters agile development in a company. This is vital in an organization because it helps in quick transformations and adaptations of different business environments. Institutions that get to the top of software maturity are efficient, and according to statistics such companies have optimum efficiency and reliability.


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