Property Crime and Typologies, Criminal Law Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-01
Property Crime and Typologies, Criminal Law Essay Example
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Theft is one of the oldest crimes in human history. However, it has evolved with changing times as evidenced by the use of the internet technology to commit fraud. Theft in Georgia is never taken in lightly. It can range from a misdemeanor to felony. Theft by taking is obvious since it includes unlawfully taking another person's property with the aim of depriving him or her regardless of how the property was taken. Consequently, one can be charged with theft if he or she has permission to use an item, but there is the intention of depriving.

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Consequently, charges are determined by the dollar value of the stolen property, the existence of other prior convictions and other factors. Any goods valued less than $500 dollars, then the person is charged with a misdemeanor, however, any goods worth more than $500 then the person is charged with a felony. Theft by taking occurs when somebody takes possession of ay property or item not belonging to him or her. In fact, how the property was taken does not matter.

Georgia Theft Laws

Bubba Hurt

This person was found shoplifting a dozen pairs of Big Guy brand socks. The total amount of the goods stolen was $432. Interestingly, he had been charged with shoplifting before. A person is charged with the shoplifting if when alone or with the help of another person deprives the owner of their goods. Therefore, it is characterized by goods taken from the store, transferring the merchandise from one place to another.The charges for such a misdemeanor would be up to one year in jail due to the price in dollars of the goods stolen.

This was an occasional thief, but still, an amateur, considering the fact that he was not able to successfully plan on this mission, did not pick goods worth huge amounts of money and the action could have resulted from lack or mischievous behavior. Subsequently, he has only been charged once, therefore, he does not make a living out of shoplifting.

This person could be classified under sociological criminal. This is a person with a certain behavioral system and pattern. It seems that he wants to build up the character of shoplifting as time goes by.

Skeeter RedrumTheft is considered a crime of dishonesty and a shoplifting charge is both embarrassing and stigmatizing. Nevertheless, it is very common and is often committed by people who do not have a criminal record or any involvement with the police. Even if it is a crime of dishonesty, people with good morals can find themselves being charged with dishonesty. This could result from lack, poverty, or some problems involving addictions. The witnesses, in this case, stated that they saw him pick two dozen pairs of socks worth $240 dollars, and placed into the bag of suspect number 3. This is an act of shoplifting which is punishable by law. Actually, in Georgia, it is not necessary for a person to leave the store with the goods to be charged with shoplifting crime. It could involve the following incidences-

a. Hiding of goods while in the store

b. Changing the price tags

c. Transferring the goods from one place to another

d. Leaving the store with an unpaid item

Since the goods taken were below $500, then the crime would be punished as a misdemeanor meaning that the person would face a maximum fine of 1000 dollars, a minimum jail term, of one year.

This could be termed as a professional thief. This is because he was able to plan the whole strategy, by placing the goods in the suspect 3 bag. In fact, could they have undergone a normal check at the door, he could have been found innocent and the other person convicted of the crime. In fact, he had planned an escape strategy, were it not for the security officer who found out and started running after him.

This could be classified under intimate social role typology. This person is loyal to his other criminal in that they had to run together even when he did not have any evidence of shoplifting.

Summer Breeze

A person is charged with handling stolen property whenever she receives and intends to retain it unless it was taken with the intention of returning it to the original owner. As such, in Georgia, the crime of theft is determined when the person does not intend to return the property to the original owner from whom the property was stolen. In fact, this woman was guilty since first she accepted stolen goods and was not intending to return it to the owner.

Primarily, theft by receiving stolen goods can be categorized as a felony or misdemeanor, which depends on the value of the stolen goods. In this case, the crime was a misdemeanor, since the goods were below $1,500. In Georgia, the penalty for receiving and retaining stolen goods is $1000 fine and a maximum of 12 months in county jail.

In regard to the following factors, this person is guilty of a crime -

a. The property had been taken by someone else other than the culprit

b. That at that time of keeping the stolen goods the accused knew that they were stolen

c. That, in doing the crime, the accused conspired with the criminal

This was not an occasional thief since she does not have any record of previous crimes. In fact, it could be her first time to engage in such an activity, owing to the fact that her work was just to receive the stolen goods and hide them in her bag. As such, this could be classified as an amateur thief. In fact, the best thing they did was run away and they were caught later on since their plans had already been disoriented. However, she still committed a crime, from knowingly handling the stolen goods, and they were found in her possession. This woman could be classified under female offender's criminal typology. These women engage themselves in minor thefts like shoplifting.

In conclusion, the above people are all guilty. Two of them were guilty of theft by taking, while the other one was guilty of theft by receiving stolen property. They are subject to charges especially owing to the fact that the first suspect had already been convicted of a shoplifting crime earlier on. Consequently, the state of Georgia is very strict when it comes to punishing shoplifters and it may consider administering the above charges unless there is the intervention of a lawyer who would turn the case to the favor of the suspects.

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