Paper Example. Software Engineer's Memo

Published: 2023-08-03
Paper Example. Software Engineer's Memo
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With the words of the Google employee being misquoted, the employee only sought in ensuring that the opportunities given by the company to both genders were equal with them addressing the providence of a 50/50 chance for both men and women working in the company. In the memo, the writer discusses the issue as being raised by his colleagues and that the latter would not have the courage that they would need to raise the issue and speak for themselves. The author of the memo also expressed the fear of colleagues being fired from speaking their minds, and he would only be the one at fault.

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The author of the memo was right in mentioning their restriction of the issue to only Google employees and the management. It would be of considerable risk not only for the employees involved but also for Google as a renowned company. The author of the memo pointed out exactly how free they were in expressing whatever they had issues in and also sought to have them addressed by the management. The author mentioned that it is only fear that controls the employees and would prevent an honest opinion from the employees based on the occurrence of the situation. Though the message of the engineer was set across, it was also seen that there were accusations that were made on Google.

Though the author justifies the need for Google to be fair in their provision of opportunities to both genders, the tech engineer also says how much Google focus on siding with the women based on them being seen as the inferior gender rather than the approach of the company viewing its women employees based on their working capabilities. According to the memo, the engineer points out that both genders have their relevance in assisting the company in achieving its goal. Google is open-minded and straight but does not follow the suit of viewing the work done by their software engineer women and putting to place the measures that would incorporate both genders as working as software engineers based on their similarities and also natural differences.

The memo, written by the engineer, was subject to different interpretations by different people. It was made clear that it was not his intention to belittle women in the memo in the mentions of reliable values that women possess and how great they would work to their advantage. In so doing, the author seeks not to be interpreted as looking down upon women but finding that their intentions be understood. According to his memo, he mentions some attributes of women that include women having more openness to feelings rather than ideas, and thus, they would be eligible to work from a personal perspective rather than dealing with non-human things (Damore, 4). The engineer also mentioned just how much women's rate of being agreeable to most circumstances would be easier in comparison to that of men.

For the engineer to avoid further confusion and also a misinterpretation of the issues he addressed in the memo, it would have been in his interest that he would come up with ways of ensuring that women's inclusivity is paramount to his text. Rather than him focusing on the main reason why women were not in high regard as software engineers rather than men, he would incorporate the nature of women such as resilience and proper conduct in his memo. The author would have clearly stated at the beginning of the memo that he was not against the fact that women would work in the tech team but that he only pointed out based on his view that their incorporation in the tech team is limited due to their nature. It would have been in his favor if the author mentioned that women have always been a minority in the tech industry, and it was finally time that they were given more opportunities if their nature would promote their inclusivity.

The engineer would have used straight-based facts that would indicate how much women would not suit the tech team to advance his argument vigorously. If the latter had found his facts on the knowledge that women are underrepresented in tech works, a problem that cuts across the whole world, his basis would have been more significant. The other fact that would cause some lagging in the number of women in the tech industry would be just how many women are mostly passed for promotional positions. Since they faced sexism in their tech practice, they are more prone to quitting their work only one year after assimilation to the method.

The author would also have included facts such as how most females are bred. In their acquisition of higher grades during their high school, most of the females have not joined to their further study advances in science and computer-related courses. The latter fact has led to the belief that women not being acceptable in technological classes since they are deemed as weak.

The memo exhibited more stereotypes than the mentioned ones. It was clear from the memo that the author seemed to think that all women did not belong to the tech team because of their nature. By the author insinuating that women are more based on the work-life balance that would be a harmful stereotype that would result in issues such as men always being on the highest of the hierarchy of any institution. The comment would also regard women as not fit to run some of the duties that are run by the men in leadership, seeing to it that most women do not get equal opportunities in workplaces such as tech institutions. That would also cost women a fair chance in their practice of leadership as much as men do (Baldner et al. 576).

The stereotypes exhibited by the engineer in his memo would also create prejudice in allocating women duties that would be previously done by their male counterparts. The harmful stereotype, as shown by the author, is one based on his perspective, is, at times, subject to prejudice on women's capabilities. The other advance would be creating pressure for women to act in a certain acceptable way that would not cause them to be prejudiced. Some of the women who aspire to join the technical engineering team would be subject to behaving in a particular way that would make them hide their non-conformity behavior so that they could avoid punishment. The author in his memo thus indicated the amount of incapability that Google showed in acquiring female employees that had matching capabilities as those of their male counterparts.

The CEO of Google addressed the issues which were raised by the memo, indicating that it was insensitive of the tech employee to discriminate against people based on their gender (Pichai). Among the leadership qualities that the CEO of google showed was that the company was fair and would treat all their employees equally, ensuring that all had an equal opportunity that is not based on the gender they belonged to but by their ability to perform. According to the book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People,' the CEO of Google showed his excellent leadership traits when he pointed out the issue of how much no one should be discriminated against based on their gender. The book points out one of the main qualities of a good leader as one that respects the dignity of his subjects, which was what he did for a leader of his position (Cole et al. 65).

According to Cole et al. (69), the other leadership skill that was seen was when the CEO of Google suggested what the technical engineer would have done instead of bluntly pointing his mistake. CEO Pichai corrected the wrong done by the engineer rather than condemning him for the mistake he did. Mr. Pichai also made it clear to the public that in his company, one was free to suggest different ways in which the company would work from time to time, and such was a good trait. The CEO of Google proved how much of a fair system his company worked on.

Because social media has a positive effect on bringing about dynamic communication of a business, some drawbacks would be associated with social media in business. As the memo was passed and went viral on social media platforms, so was it open for interpretation by different individuals in different ways. There was a possibility of a different understanding of the memo suggests, with some viewing it as a sexist suggestion. The latter would then sell the negative image of the company at large to the general public on different social media platforms with the competitors using it as a niche for better services.

With the occurrence of such kind, the organization would best respond to it using social media platforms to clear the doubts that would result from the addressed issue in the memo. Most of the social media platforms carry a multitude of people whose opinions would weigh a lot on business, and publicly discussing the problem would, of course, bring the public to the side of the company and finally win them over. It would also serve in useful purposes for the multitudes to get informed of the true intentions of the company having documented evidence on the social media platforms.

Through the publication of such issues, it is clear that the communication scheme at Google is tampered with as it now involves the public directly. Due to the public's involvement, the most vital information of the company would get exposed by a source from the inside. It is also evident that the social media platforms would have a direct implication on the ideas that are developed by the company by having them take part in the company's development.

As opposed to the traditional methods of hierarchy barriers, the inclusivity of social media platforms has reduced the bureaucracy that is associated with the decision-making of a company. Through digital communication and the introduction of aspects such as Google Drive Apps, there would be a reduced need for a face-to-face meeting and would ensure that each member has learned from the session held. The occurrence would, in turn, break the long struggles associated with office meetings ensuring that communication channels are faster and smooth (Ebert et al., 165).

With the setup of online markets and platforms where there could be an increased collaboration of companies, there have been digital alliances. The latter is done through artificial intelligence supported by the companies in question in their quest to seek a production that is streamlined. Such is done through the help of the software engineers of the enterprises that look forward to a merger. There is an increase in the number of tools that would be used to ensure that online collaboration is made efficient. Such would be inclusive of Flow dock, which would ensure that there are online meetings and also a platform open for charts. Through the partnership, there would be a paramount advantage of the company sharing information and mitigating costs, which are associated with a single play of the company towards a business strategy.

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