Free Essay on Ideal Relationship Between Boss and Employee

Published: 2019-06-10
Free Essay on Ideal Relationship Between Boss and Employee
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The importance of good working relationships between employees and their bosses can be illustrated through the case of Rivet Systems Inc. The company experienced a difficult time in implementing its human resource management strategies leading to a high employee turnover. Their employees were under pressure to perform better to increase the organizations productivity. As a result, the management team was hard on the employees, who were punished for every slight mistake they did. Eve Silliman, a former accountant in the organization felt that the pressure was too much. Her hard work was never recognized or appreciated by her bosses.

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On the other hand, the compensation the company gave her was not worth of her hard work. Furthermore, there were no structures for communication that would help the employees resolve their differences. Consequently, many employees like Eve left the firm to find other jobs. After some time, the company conducted an audit of its management practices and its poor human resource management strategies came to the fore. It was forced to alter its approach to strengthening the relationship between employees and their bosses. The results afterward have been immense.

A good relationship between an employee and the boss is critical for organizational productivity. Weakened employee-boss relationships can demotivate employees, reduce employee engagement and more likely to result in a high employee turnover (Forsyth, 2011). Therefore, it is imperative that both the employee and the boss strive to form a perfect working relationship. An ideal employee-boss relationship is based on mutual trust, respect, and adherence to rules of engagement.

Trust is one of the primary elements of good organizational behavior. Employees are expected to trust each other and believe in each others capacity to deliver on their mandate. Nevertheless, it is the trust between an employee and his or he boss that is very crucial. Trust has to do with the faith that each party will deliver on their terms of engagement (Forsyth, 2011). For example, it is expected that the manager will create a perfect working environment for the employee to deliver the desired results. Trust exists only when both the manager or boss and the employee believe that each will deliver their end of the bargain. Thus, there will be no room for uncertainties.

The other critical issue in the employee-boss relationship is respect. Mutual respect between the employee and the boss is paramount. There should be no issues of employee harassment or unfair treatment. Conversely, an employee should carry out their mandate as expected (Knights and Willmott, 2007). For example, mutual respect exists in an environment where there is effective communication between employees and their managers, when the employee are allowed to participate in the decision making process, and when they are allowed a conducive environment to work.

An ideal employee-boss relationship is also based on adherence to rules of engagement. Both the employee and the boss should respect the terms of the employment contract as well as labor and employment laws in the country (Knights and Willmott, 2007). This will help eradicate instances of unnecessary conflicts in the workplace. The rules of engagement are necessary because they stipulate the terms for each party in the employment agreement or contract. These rules form the basis of the interaction and relationship between the employees and their bosses. Therefore, disrespecting these terms or rules of work cannot help either of the parties in improving their working relations.

In conclusion, a perfect working relationship between employees and their bosses is vital for the success of the organization. An ideal relationship between employee and a manager should be based on three main factors namely, mutual trust, respect, and adherence to rules of engagement. As illustrated in the case of Rivet Systems Inc., poor working relations can be detrimental to an organizations performance. Many employees prefer to work in an environment where they are appreciated. This way, they will be motivated to work harder and improve their productivity. Therefore, an ideal working relationship between the bosses and their employees should be based on the idea of helping the organization improve its performance. The focus should be on creating a healthy environment for the employees to realize their potential.


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