Introduction to Business Administration, Book Review Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-01
Introduction to Business Administration, Book Review Essay Sample
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Jacqueline M. Edwards wrote Introduction to Business Administration. The book aims at informing the reader about the general knowledge and development regarding the administration through the utilization of different management styles. Through the reading of this book, the reader can identify the essential styles of management and also to follow the progression of administration in history. The author introduces the various types of non-profits that are used in the USA and through that the reader will be in a position of enhancing their understanding and knowledge of the incorporation process.

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The author of this books aims at targeting the readers who are venturing into the business world or are already operating their business. The book is ideal for religious institutions, the establishment of community -based organizations and small businesses that are newly formed. The readers targeted by the author are both male and female considering that they all have the potential of starting a business. The information contained in the book informs the leaders and managers how business challenges and barriers can be overcome. The managers learn about the roles and responsibilities that they have within the organization. According to the author, the senior managers in an organization are the decision makers, policymakers, steering executives and as well as the people who supervision to the junior employees. Introduction to business administration emphasizes the importance of the flow of information in the operation of a business. The readers and the writer share the values of prosperity since when everyone is venturing into the business world, their main aim is to make profits. The writer provides the reader with the various guidelines and ways of ensuring that they are able to manage the resources in their business (Jacqueline).

The most crucial part of understanding in this text is the four functions of management which are planning, controlling, organizing and leading. These four functions of management are important since they determine the success of the organization. The most difficult part of this book is discussing the various types of non-profits. The four main types of non-profits are tax-exempt, formal, informal and charitable. The reason this part is considered difficult is that it involves accounting and various laws that should be considered while accounting for the non-profits (Jacqueline).

The credibility of the writer of this book is that she is an author who is well established and have written other several books in the field of business. For example, Jacqueline has also written hybrid organizations, community boards and nonprofit ventures and the consultant as an instrument of change. The target audience of this book are organizations that are mainly non-profit making. The writer is limited to only discussing the issues that affect the non -profit business but not other types of businesses. The larger context constrains the writer of this book since while accounting for the different types of non-profits since there are different laws that should be used and hence the writer had to consider them while writing the book.

In conclusion the writer of introduction to business administration aimed at providing essential knowledge, history and the developmental accounting of the different administration techniques and styles. The certain value that could have led the writer to write this book was the desire for growth. The author of the book identifies the problems that the nonprofit organizations could face which could, in turn, affect their potential to grow and sustainability. The author of the book encourages organizations that are community-based to think outside the box.

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