Stonyfield Farm Company Research in Our Free Essay Sample

Published: 2018-09-07
Stonyfield Farm Company Research in Our Free Essay Sample
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Stakeholders and Farm Company

For various reasons, companies have continually embraced the use of blogs in their operations. Blogs humanize a company and thus other stakeholders can relate to it. Other reasons include: enhancing visibility, growing trust and credibility, promoting policies and products, addressing crucial issues and defending the company among others. An example of a company that makes use of blogs is the Stonyfield Farm. This is an organic yogurt maker located in New Hampshire, USA. According to Fortune magazine, the company makes the number one selling organic yoghurt brand and the third overall yogurt brand in the United States (Gunther, 2008). This paper is an evaluation of the effectiveness of the blog for the company's interactions with its customers.

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Stonyfield uses a barnyard as the backdrop of their homepage; they also include healthy living articles and images of healthy families. These components come together to reinforce a theme of family values and healthy living. Through their blog, Stonyfield makes it warm so as to encourage individuals to visit their social sites. The blogs also make use of videos in behind the scenes. They exhibit real people leading a lifestyle that they personify. A majority of the videos come from an organic farmer's dairy farm in Vermont. The company also makes use of sale messages that are contextualized in content that has been value added (Duermyer, 2016). For example, they could write an article on taking organic fruit but then weave in an idea of you mixing the fruit with stony field yoghurt for more nutrients.

I am of the opinion that the company does an extraordinary job in remaining consistent with their brand by creating a focused on theme in their blogs. These blogs have fostered popularity of the company among its customers, hence making their product renowned among its audience, trustworthy and likeable, which is the key to successful blogging. Thus, in a nutshell, Stonyfield is a major brand that effectively uses its blog to develop the community as well as teaching their customers more about their brand.


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