Paper Sample on Child Abuse: An Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2022-05-04
Paper Sample on Child Abuse: An Annotated Bibliography
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Rojas, M., Walker-Descartes, I., & Laraque-Arena, D. (2017). An experimental study of implicit racial bias in recognition of child abuse. American journal of health behavior, 41(3), 358-367.

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This study was conducted to determine whether implicit bias among physicians in examining and reporting child abuse among people of color. The child abuse experts came up with nine injury vignettes, and pediatricians gave a chance to rate two versions for any suspicion of child abuse. Each scenario had the child's race which was either white or black.The data collection was done anonymously to ensure that the participants provided accurate data as possible.The results of this study were adjusted to correspond to the age, race and work experience of the physician participating in the research. Though the results failed to come up with conclusive evidence the research topic, this well-researched paper demonstrated an experimental example on how to determine whether implicit bias among physicians in examining and reporting child abuse among people of color.

Ho, G. W., Gross, D. A., & Bettencourt, A. (2017). Universal mandatory reporting policies and the odds of identifying child physical abuse. American journal of public health, 107(5), 709-716.

This research article tries to determine the relationship between the universal mandatory reporting policies in regards to child abuse and its moderating effect on the abuse report by the source. The research was conducted using a national data set of 204414 children who have been reported for abuse in UMR states as compared to those the total reports coming from non-UMR states. The results show that reports detailing rates of abuse of children did not differ concerning the UMR status. The results also indicated that non-professionals were more likely to give reports of child abuse in non-UMR states. This research thus concluded that universal mandatory reporting might not be the answer to overcoming child abuse through reporting.

Sahebihagh, M. H., Hosseini, S. Z., Hosseinzadeh, M., & Shamshirgaran, S. M. (2017). Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Community Health Workers Regarding Child Abuse in Tabriz Health Centers in 2015-2016. International journal of community-based nursing and midwifery, 5(3), 264.

Child abuse is one of the most detrimental vices to the physical, mental and emotional development of children. Community health workers play a very crucial role in the reporting and elimination of child abuse. This research was conducted to determine the performance and knowledge of community health workers in combating child abuse in Tabriz. The census method was used to sample 265 community health workers at the health care centers in Tabriz during 2015 to the 2016 year period. The data was then analyzed with SPSS. The results indicated that about 59% of the community healthcare workers had good knowledge about child abuse. About 91.3% of the health workers had good attitude towards child abuse.However, most of the community workers had a poor approach in dealing with child abuse.In conclusion, the health workers had excellent knowledge and attitudes towards child abuse but inadequate means of dealing with the abuse.This might have been due to lack of proper legal guidelines on how to deal with the abuse.

Harper, C. A., & Perkins, C. (2018). Reporting child sexual abuse within religious settings: challenges and future directions. Child abuse review, 27(1), 30-41.

Child abuse within religious facades has been an interesting area of research for the past two decades. Cases of abuse, mainly sexual abuse of minors within religious settings often go unreported or underreported. This study aims to show the magnitude of abuse of children within religious setting using two conceptual frameworks. These are the moral foundation's theory and the system justification theory. The two frames give an understanding of how the religious institutions respond to cases of child abuse. The article has extensively explored and argued for psychological reasons that influence the reporting of child abuse within religious organizations.

Walsh, W. A., & Jones, L. M. (2015). Factors that Influence Child Abuse Reporting: A Survey of Child-Serving Professionals.

Policies and procedures governing child abuse reporting are often amended from time to time to give a stronger control of child abuse. This study was conducted to determine the factors that influence reports of child abuse. This research was done on an online community of 556 child service professionals. Most of the professional responded that the child abuse reporting means needs improvement (61%).Only 38% of the respondents were satisfied with their most recent coaching on how to report child abuse. The results of this survey could be instrumental in establishing better child reporting policies.

Walsh, W. A., & Jones, L. M. (2016). A statewide study of the public's knowledge of child abuse reporting laws. Journal of public child welfare, 10(5), 561-579.

This study details a study that was conducted to evaluate the public understanding of child abuse reporting policies and laws in the United States. The study was randomly conducted on adults via telephone in starts with universals laws guiding the reporting of child abuse. The findings indicated that about 39% of the respondents were not aware of the existence of this law, to begin with. The findings in the research were mixed. A large proportion of those interviewed, for example, did not know that children experiencing abuse are automatically taken away from their homes by federal child protection agencies. Almost 50% of the participants were oblivious to the fact that they can be prosecuted for failing to report instances of child abuse. This study came to the conclusion that people often fail to report cases of child abuse for fear of victimization and that more should be done to encourage the public to report instances of child abuse.

Christian, C. W., & Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect. (2015). The evaluation of suspected child physical abuse. Pediatrics, 135(5), e1337-e1354.

Child abuse is one of the leading causes of child mortality and pediatric morbidity. It is also associated with major health challenges in the physical, mental and emotional facets of development in children. This well researched article highlights the role of pediatricians in combating child abuse in conjunction with other health professional and with legal entities. The research highlights how the health professional deal with suspected cases of physical child abuse so as to ensure the recovery of the victims.

Fortson, B. L., Klevens, J., Merrick, M. T., Gilbert, L. K., & Alexander, S. P. (2016). Preventing child abuse and neglect: A technical package for policy, norm, and programmatic activities.

This expository research highlights the various dimensions and practices that encourage child abuse. The study points out that some policies and practices promote child neglect and practice by default. For example, parents who are always away from home at work are more likely to have their children abuse compared to parents who often spend time with their children. This article is a combination of various research on policies, norms and programmatic activities that exasperate child abuse and gives recommendations on how these policies can be amended to reduce cases of child abuse.

Borimnejad, L., & Fomani, F. K. (2015). Child Abuse Reporting Barriers: Iranian Nurses' Experiences. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, 17(8).

Child abuse reporting is mandatory in many countries, reporting child abuse is mandatory. However, in some countries such as Iran, it is voluntary to report child abuse. This study shows the barriers and challenges experienced by Iranian nurses in their bid to report child abuse. It is a qualitative study that involved 16 experienced nurses. The results indicate that one of the main reasons that hinder child abuse reporting is ignorance of the laws and policies regarding child abuse. The nurses and the public should be educated on how to handle child abuse as detailed by this research.

Davies, E., O'Leary, E., & Read, J. (2017). Child abuse in England and Wales 2003-2013: Newspaper reporting versus reality. Journalism, 18(6), 754-771.

There is always a great difference in how newspapers report events versus what happens on the ground. This research shows how a sample of 450 newspapers reported child abuse in England and Wales versus what happened in reality. The study goes on to show the extent through which publications can be instrumental in combating child abuse. The research also points out that newspapers some time misreport cases of child abuse hence giving the wrong perception on the cases of child abuse to the public. At such instances, child abuse may be underreported or blown out of proportion and this is a challenge when it comes to reporting child abuse. This is a very credible piece of research data is well represented in tables and the language of writing is academic and professional.

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