Free Essay on Social Media and Young Generation in American

Published: 2020-08-13
Free Essay on Social Media and Young Generation in American
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Since the turn of the current century, social media has immensely developed and is still steadily developing. It is no doubt that social media has projected several impacts in our lives today in many ways.

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The perceptions and views of the public can easily be controlled or swayed by simply manipulating the content of different social media platforms. The opinion of people can be shaped or defined by other peoples views and opinions on the certain issue. Social media is a gargantuan entity that in most cases takes over the decisions we make and exposes people to things they have never experienced. The transition and development of the social media have greatly influenced the American culture in several ways. Social media typically is a form of socialization that has long-term impacts on every member of American Society. Despite social media targeting a person in the short term interval, the long-term influence on people is different because of the varied amounts of formats and exposure. Some scholars argue that social media has negatively affected the American culture. However, despite the few drawbacks of social media, it has positively impacted on the American culture.

Most Scholars argue that the social media is a blessing in disguise. They feel that social media has deteriorated the American culture. They argue that social media has influenced people to do things that are culturally immoral. Some of the videos or photos shared on social media portray habits that are not healthy as mature or cool, making small children and young adolescents are on the same level with those who use social media as a tool to intimidate vulnerable children of the sort.

Further, opposes of social media state that obesity is on the rise in the American population. People spend most of their time on the social media and not budging for hours to end, they peg obesity to social media. They add that most people do not engage in physical activities but rather spend most of their time chatting on the social platforms resulting in an exponential gain in weight over a period. This is contrary to the traditional culture where people indulged in physical activities hence lived a healthy life.

Furthermore, they perceive violence as a major factor about social media. They feel it is a potentially harmful instigator when it comes to the young children. Kids are easily influenced by the things they see on the internet and social media platforms as they mimic acts of violence they see which is against the traditional American culture.

Moreover, they also argue that social media advertising through Facebook pages, Twitter, and social media platforms can jeopardize a persons idea of what health or beauty is. They attribute health problems such as bulimia and anorexia or the use of questionable celebrities in the fashion industry as their influences.

Other scholars also attribute social media to causing isolation. They say that people get engrossed in social media making it an integral part of their lives. These people only make connections through social media and forgetting to interact with people in the real life. A common phenomenon is that people obtain the social media life and carry the fabricated stories into their real life making them forget who they are. Also some scholars refute the idea of social media as too being addictive and, therefore, make people less productive.

In my view, I strongly object to the perception that social media has negatively impacted on the American culture, but rather it has brought more positive impacts to the American culture. Social media targets large mass of people in overall since many people are using social media.

In the past, American people primarily communicated orally. Transmission of information and knowledge moved slowly because people only relied on teachers to obtain knowledge. However, due to the immense development of communication technology saw the inception of social media which has had a profound impact on American culture. The digital era grew fast to the use of the internet and gave rise to the social media blogging and interaction.

The inception of the social media era has influenced American culture in several ways. As opposed to the past, people are now more independent and not depending on traditional forms to obtain information. The concept of instant reception of information has transformed American culture from oral communication.

Furthermore, social media has enhanced peoples knowledge since constructive information can be obtained from the educational blogs and social media pages. People can find more information about any topic they need from the internet. Social media platforms such as the YouTube provide practical video illustrations of various concepts that a person may need to know about. People can now learn at their comfort thanks to the social media learning engines. This is opposed to the cultural way of gaining information that was primarily from the tutors. It has enhanced this aspect of culture and now an individual can learn without having to attend a learning session physically as they can obtain knowledge through online tutorials saving on time; they are cheaper and are more convenient than the traditional methods.

Moreover, the social function of social media has also positively impacted on American culture. Social media is capable of engaging many people at the same time. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide avenues for the creation of group pages where different people can share their opinions. This has been positively embraced in American culture as it has eased communication between people who are not necessarily from the same locality-enhancing the scope of interaction worldwide. As opposed to the past where people had to meet physically and interact, the social media has brought a lot of revolutions in the aspect of socializations.

Exposure to diversity: it is a common trait of people to pay attention to smaller details such as peoples interests, their lives by staring at their social media pictures and share them with a whole bunch of their online friends. Therefore, social media provides a platform where the American people can share their different aspects of culture by sharing their diverse perspectives.

In conclusion, based on the above argument it is evident that social media has positively impacted American culture in several ways. Despite the few objections, I feel that the idea that social media has positively impacted the American culture should be embraced. For example it has greatly influenced the American culture on socialization and education in addition to many other cultural benefits.

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