Dealing with Darwin - Book Review Essay Sample

Published: 2022-05-18
Dealing with Darwin - Book Review Essay Sample
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Dealing with Darwin is one of the treasured books in the current society. It was written by Geoffrey Moore, among the respected authors. Subsequently, the book comes to the top best-selling books now. In his previous book, crossing the Chasm, the author addresses the major challenges facing the current ventures in the modern society. Respectively, he comes up a new book that addresses these challenges more vividly and their possible solutions (Hoeveler, 2015).

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In "Crossing the Chasm", he outlines the impact of technology on business. However, in this book, he illustrates what most running organization must do in order to boost the natural growth in the business sector (Hoeveler, 2015). He further gives information on how the business guards themselves against new market contestants.

Globalization, e-commerce, and deregulation have a great impact on current ventures. The book clearly explains why every company must look for ways of making their products quite unique from those its competitors (Livingstone, 2014). Owing to the growing technology, it is now possible to duplicate almost all products. To avoid this, the company is ought to have strategies to guarantee some uniqueness. This is only possible if they choose the most appropriate innovation strategy.

The author evidently illustrates most of its citation with some good examples. Through this, he clearly explains how to overcome the current challenges regardless whether you are designing customized products or doing an initial production (Livingstone, 2014). Some companies still experience competitive discrepancy in the market section. Subsequently, he demonstrates on the impacts of innovation on such a problem. It is clear that employing technology into performance productively is likely to increase in the positive direction.

For organizations experiencing some negative competitiveness, the author clearly shows means of overcoming such. One of the efficient ways is by engaging the corporate community on continuous commitment so as to innovate as well as evolve (Livingstone, 2014). On the other side, he gives guidelines on how to survive as well as thrive in economic jungle.

Even though the author focused much on IT sector, most of his analysis is focused on business ventures. Indeed, IT industry provides means of explaining the idea behind the success of most companies (Hoeveler, 2015). Most noteworthy, most of his motivations come from Harvard's Professor, a business administrator in Clayton Christensen. This is the main reason why he states the baggage carried by most companies makes them incapable of developing and investing innovative yet affordable products.

He debates that free-market economies function in a similar manner as natural organic systems. Subsequently, the organization must advance their competence (Hoeveler, 2015). The only challenge with more established companies is the fact that past innovations keep them contended such that they cannot proceed to future innovations.

Furthermore, in this book, he outlines the main differences between the Core and Context. Precisely, he explains core as organizational operations that build differentiation yielding customer preference during procuring decision (Hoeveler, 2015). On the other hand, context is the company's anything else. He clearly illustrates that the main reason why established business losses easily is because with time, their assets changes from Core to Context. Consequently, the yesterday contestant becomes more preferable. Additionally, all workers must take part in the continuous and renewable cycle.

In conclusion, this book outlines clearly the key areas that every organization must emphasize if they wish to thrive well. Innovation comes to the topnotch aspect that everyone within the organization must embrace (Hoeveler, 2015). On the other side, a given company must yearn for more and more innovation in order to sustain the current market.


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