Social Media and Its Impact on Mental Health - Free Paper Example

Published: 2023-12-19
Social Media and Its Impact on Mental Health - Free Paper Example
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Ladies and gentlemen, social media are social networking sites where people create accounts that they use to share information and experiences with other people and friends. Social media has changed the way people interact and share information by allowing people located around the world to exchange information and share ideas (Robinson, 2019). Ladies and gentlemen, the increased use of social media has impacted people both positively and negatively. The impacts include mental health, where the experiences on social media influence the mental health of users depending on the information the person gets on the social media platforms.

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The impact on mental health is a result of pressure from social media friends who pretend to be doing well and succeed in their lives. People compare themselves with their friends on social media; hence the pressure to live lifestyles similar to other people is affecting people's mental health to be affected (Robinson, 2019). Ladies and gentlemen, people are spending more time on social media; hence the pressure to live like other people is affecting the mental health of people who cannot be able to sustain social media lifestyles. People are living with mental diseases such as anxiety, and they do not know.

There is also a negative aspect of social media that is affecting people's mental health to be affected. There are people that misuse social media platforms, and they use them to cause fear by attacking the vulnerable through threats (Robinson, 2019). In the wrong run, fear affects people's mental health to be affected because they fear that the threats might be actualized and cause harm to the person. Criminals are using social media to attack people through threats; then, they attack the person physically.

Ladies and gentlemen, the mental health of people, is dependent on the information that the person feeds the brain. Social media is increasingly being linked to mental illness because people are spending more time on social media thug the negative information damages the health of the brain. The pressure caused by social media eventually causes mental illness as people try to live lives that they will show to other people on social media.

Ladies and gentlemen, social media has influenced and changed how people interact and socialize. There are reduced personal interactions among the people where conversations are made face to face. The change in social life has contributed to the effect of mental health because of social media communications (Karim et al., 2020). People do not get the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges; hence they end up having mental health challenges. Face-to-face interactions enable people to get genuine help whenever they are facing challenges in their lives. Social media does not offer solutions to the challenges that people experience.

People need to reduce the time they spend on their social media platforms and consider sharing positive information that educates people. Social media also needs to be regulated to stop cyberbullying and other social media vices that are used to attack innocent people (Karim et al., 2020). The more people know the threats associated with the use of social media, the better they will be able to handle challenges. Social media also needs to be regulated for underage children who are more vulnerable. Social media will continue to impact the mental health of the users until policies are enacted to control the use of social media.


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