Hyperthyroidism Research - Free Essay Example

Published: 2018-11-01
Hyperthyroidism Research - Free Essay Example
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Thyroxine hormone

Hyperthyroidism is a situation whereby thyroid glands present in the human body produce excess thyroxine hormone. This condition, if uncontrolled, leads to abnormal excessive sweating, loss of weight, irregular heartbeats, nervousness and high body irritation. All these affect normal lifestyles of the victims.

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Thyroidism leads to the presence of thyroid stimulating antibodies. These antibodies stimulate thyroid glands by simply unifying with the thyroid stimulating hormone receptors in the body. At high concentrations of the hormone, an exceptional case called Grave's disease is most likely to emerge. This illness is naturally an autoimmune disorder. This situation occurs when the immune system affects healthy tissues by mistake. At an advanced stage of the problem, signs as the ones experienced by Michael emerge. They include increased heartbeats, weight loss, and memory losses.

Presence of Goiter

Goiter was observed in Michael's case, as a result of a palpation on his neck. Blood test results further revealed high concentrations of thyroid hormones which comprise of triiodothyronine and thyroxine hormones. Other evident signs included hypercalcemia and low concentration of lipids in his bloodstream. This is a situation whereby the human body has unusually high levels of calcium content than the required state. This is also a barrier to healthy living.

This refers to the removal of thyroid glands. This method of treatment is unsuitable for Michael and his wife, given that they are looking forward to having more children. Radioisotopic destruction leads to damage of healthy and functional tissues of the body. This can cause cancer cases, especially if not well stored. This method of treatment also wrecks the thyroid gland, hence limits the body from performing basic tasks. The family would lack adequate care over their children in case they opted for this technique.

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