Paper Example: Divorce and Parenting

Published: 2023-05-01
Paper Example: Divorce and Parenting
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It is in this trial moment when the world is fighting one of the greatest pandemics, the Coronavirus disease that Leah Chubb, a mother of two, is fighting for a divorce. The two have been living separately since her Thanksgiving, and due to a court ruling, the two kids Golda who is aged four, and Teddy who is eight years now were asked to divide their weekends between staying with their mum and dad. This is, however, proving to be difficult with the spreading of coronavirus disease. Chubb, who spoke in pain, explained how difficult the situation is growing with fear that her children will contract the virus in the process of child swapping. "The situation is incredibly daunting now," explained Chubb. Movements have been restricted, and schools, places of worship, and community centers have been completely locked down. Child pickups are proving to be difficult since child swapping used to occur during school, and it is closed now. Arguments with her ex have been the order of the day since the children have been banned from visiting their dad.

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In most cases, people view divorce as one of the biggest blows in a marriage, but can someone stay in an unhappy relationship? One should also consider this as one of the positive sides of a divorce. The children are too young to understand why their mother is barring them from seeing their dad; this is affecting them too. According to the divorce revolution in the textbook, divorce can affect children either positively or negatively. The writer states that children whose parents have divorced while young are also likely to get into a divorce when they grow older. No one enters into a relationship expecting a divorce. Before Leah Chubb considers getting a divorce, she should also consider its effects on the children.

Personally, Leah is finding it difficult to conduct the child swapping agreement since the occurrence of the outbreak for fear of losing her children or even contracting the virus. She fears that the children will contract the virus during the movements, which will be a big blow to the community at large due to the way the virus spreads. Family mix-ups have also been banned, allowing the children to visit their dad will be against the state's policies, which were reinforced considering the outbreak. The virus has directly affected the economy of the country, adding more cases will mean increasing the burden to the government due to the number of resources needed to address the issue.

According to the article, the child sitting at her mum's house taking soda after being banned from visiting his dad reports that divorce arguments can, at times, lead to fights between the couple. The child is not happy about the entire issue of the divorce. Child parenting is, therefore, difficult. Chubb took the sole responsibility of banning the children from visiting their dad despite the arguments from her ex. This was, however, addressed from the personal level, but it was for the good of her community children and the nation at large regarding the effects of the outbreak.

Everyone deserves happiness, but can an individual's happiness benefit one of those closest to you are affected by the same (Smith, 2018). This can be regarded as self. Both Leah Chubb and her ex did not consider the effects of getting a divorce before considering to get one. What about the children? They should have asked themselves this question. Marriages are full of challenges, but for the children's sake, that is, for the happiness of the children, a couple should not think of getting a divorce. They should at first consider solving the dispute among themselves irrespective of each other's ethnic group (Magazine, 2020).

The article, however, did not describe why Leah Chubb and her ex are up to a divorce. Did the two address the issue of banning her children from visiting their father? This is one of the unanswered questions in the article. If given a chance to resolve their issue, would the two consider dropping the issue of divorce?

In conclusion, a decision made by someone can affect others either positively or negatively. Considering Leah Chubb's case, she is at crossroads with the rising cases of the coronavirus following the lockdown. The children have been banned from visiting their father, and they are not happy about it. To ensure proper parenting, parents should also consider the negative effects of a divorce on their children before considering it.


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