Free Essay about Social Areas That Were Affected by the Advent of Printing

Published: 2019-10-31
Free Essay about Social Areas That Were Affected by the Advent of Printing
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The advent of printing changed several areas of social life including education, religion and written languages. With regards to education, printing accrued scholars with wider access to knowledge. Readers were able to access information that was developed by a variety of theorists. Furthermore, the information was more accurate than before the advent of printing because it did not contain bias and changes that was associated with verbal approaches of teaching and or sharing knowledge. Printing helped preserve a lot of academic information in their accurate form.

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When it comes to religion, printing was used to facilitate the spread of the knowledge about religion. Printing was also used to mass produce religious texts which were used to spread religion. This is especially so with regards to Christianity. Societies were educated about their rights, and obligations and this facilitated the development of strong rules and policies in different parts of the world. Written language emerges as a result of printing. The emergence of the written languages led to the development of various literal styles and approaches. People began expressing themselves more effectively through written languages and with time written languages became an integral part of art.

Some of the earliest forms of graphic communication can trace their roots back to cave paintings. However, the actual modern history of graphic communication is stone tablets and ceramic cylinder seals. Such graphic pieces were mainly developed for record keeping purposes. Graphic communication has considerably evolved with time. Some of the current modern equivalents of past graphic pieces of communication include paintings and photographs.

The modern versions of the first graphic communication are more effective and accurate compared to the earliest graphic pieces. Currently graphic pieces such as photograph pictures are able to portray detailed representation of real life artefacts as opposed to past pieces. For instance, photographs have more accurate and vivid details when compared to paintings.

A major ever present pre-occupation of past graphic pieces of communication was color. For instance, when drawing paintings in caves, early men significantly relied on color to try and make their paintings more appealing and accurate. This was significant for them but at the same time difficult because color was not easy to come by. In modern times the main ever present pre-occupation of graphical communication is color. Color has been the major ever present pre-occupation since the development of colored cameras. In the past, between 40 to 50 years ago, there were no color photographs meaning that the ever present pre-occupation may have been different then. This may however be debatable because as part of graphic communication paintings have always maintained focus on color. This has not affected me much personally because I have always loved color and color makes me understand information better.

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