An Essay Example on the The Miracle Worker Play

Published: 2019-12-03
An Essay Example on the The Miracle Worker Play
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At the end of the two weeks, Annie was however worried that by letting Hellen back to her parents, all her work would be in vain. She was afraid that the parents would resolve to the old ways of letting Hellen have her way and pampering her. This was put to the test at the first supper back with her parents. Hellen kept throwing her napkin, became violent and kept running to her mother for help. This Annie watched in disbelief.

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Towards the end of the supper, Hellen poured a pitcher of water. Angered by this behavior, Annie took Hellen out to the pump to fill the pitcher. She warned the parents not to interfere with her teaching. At the water pump, Hellen was able to recall the most basic word she learned when still an infant: water. She was also able to spell it out using signs. By this realization, she was so overjoyed that she took an interest in everything. She was able to realize that Annie was her teacher and her parents both father and mother. This made Annie and the Kellers happy. They were overjoyed by the fact that Annie had been able to get to Hellen. Something they could not do.

From this play, the basic theme is about persistence. This is displayed by Annie in her endeavor to teach Hellen. Also, she was always ready to fight for what she thought was right. Other themes include dangers of over loving a child, and disability is not an inability. All these themes are shown through the main characters Hellen, Annie and the Kellers.

Some of the character traits portrayed in the play includes persistence and self-confidence by Annie, loving and concern by both Kate and Arthur, demanding by Arthur. Kate is seen as emotional, empathetic and gullible. Other characters like James, Viney show that they are obedient and sympathetic.

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