Esay Sample on the Decline of Religion Due to Advancements in Science and Philosophy

Published: 2019-09-10
Esay Sample on the Decline of Religion Due to Advancements in Science and Philosophy
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The basis of this paper is concentrated on arguing the fact that religion has drastically declined as a result of the advancements that have been observed in various fields of Science and Philosophy. To begin by saying that in the past people fully believed in the idea that things that happened without any explanation were as a result of the existe4nce of a higher being. In the past, everything that people didnt understand was associated with the or rather was always equated to a higher power. This is the reason of the phrase God of unknown. As time goes by, Science has advanced hence registering a big gap in the previous beliefs. People have come to understand the physical world better and the physical things that people use to associate to the higher power are nowadays being explained. This in turn has caused a reasonable drop of the backward and primitive beliefs in the past as explanations of the occurrence in the world and finally adapting the scientific and philosophic explanations of the physical happenings in the universe.

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Looking at the Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which was a film about specifically some of the earliest incredible human drawings that were done within a given cave in Indonesia. These film portrayed pictorial drawings that were viewed in 3-D. The human drawings in the cave were done in 3-D thus making it possible to see reality n drawings and movies as such. To the locals at that particular time, they were surprised by seeing pictures drawn on a wall that one might actually think that they were there in person (Valenti and JoAnn, 23). However, this tactic of overwhelming embracing reality in the human being drawings witnessed in the cave were, to many people, mysterious and were believed to be unimaginable and unexplainable for that matter. This led to the fact that people had to link the existence of such drawings to the existence of a supper natural being. As a result, religion was the explanation of the existence of the drawings in the past and thus the existence of the God of the Unknown. For the issue of the D, science soon started giving us explanations that 3D were creations that were used to depict drawings or movies as a whole thus bringing out the theme of reality. In the current era, more movies and drawings have been derived and use d in movies as well as drawings to show reality. This in turn has led to the decline in the belief of religion and definitely the |God of the unknown to explain the existence of unique creations and an increase in the reliance on various science concepts to explain them.

In reference to the epoch of Gilgameshvv, the religion was the main explanation to the fact that things happen during that period. They believed in the god of the unknown who had sent a ruler down to help guide them (Ronald and Numbers, 09). Gilgamesh was the fifth ruler of Uruk, advanced Iraq (Early Dynastic II, first line of Uruk), setting his rule ca. 2500 BC. As indicated by the Sumerian lord list he ruled for a long time. In the Tummal Engraving, Gilgamesh, and his child Urlugal, revamped the asylum of the goddess Ninlil, in Tummal, a holy quarter in her city of Nippur. Gilgamesh is the focal character in the figurative ballad "Epic of Gilgamesh", the best surviving work of early Mesopotamian writing. In the epic, the aftehr of the ruler was Lugalbanda while the rulers mother was Ninsun, a goddess. In Mesopotamian mythology, Gilgamesh is a demigod of superhuman quality who fabricated the city dividers of Uruk to guard his kin from outer dangers, and headed out to meet the wise Utnapishtim, who had survived the Incomparable Storm (Dawson and Christopher, 18). He is normally depicted as 66% god and 33% man. However, this beliefs that are primitive were soon abandoned as these occurrence has know been explained inj details by the assistance of the various Philosophical studies that have been conducted. Philosophy explains that these was just the way of life in this particular kingdom and the various tablets that were used to symbolize the gods were just a ways of modern literature that was has been widely manifested in the current century as a marvelous way of thematic symbolization (Olson and Richard, 08).

Another case study of the happenings that took place in the past that could not be explained by normal people and were linked to religion or rather higher power was the Iliad. This is a poem that depicted a story of the anger of Achilles, the best Greek saint to battle in the Trojan War. The account starts nine years after the begining of the war, as the Achaeans sack a Trojan-united town and catch two wonderful ladies, Chryseis and Briseis. Agamemnon, president of the Achaean armed force, takes Chryseis as his prize. Achilles, one of the Achaeans' most profitable warriors, claims Briseis (Ronald and Numbers, 09). Chryseis' dad, a man named Chryses who serves as a cleric of the god Apollo, asks Agamemnon to give back his little girl and offers to pay a gigantic payoff. At the point when Agamemnon cannot, Chryses implores Apollo for help. The poem ends with Zeus where he is hesitant to help the Trojans, for his better half, Hera, supports the Greeks, yet he at last concurs. Hera gets to be irate when she finds that Zeus is helping the Trojans, yet her child Hephaestus induces her not to dive the divine beings into struggle over those that are considered immortals. This ancient set up of the Greek leaders was based on the basis that religion could support the army and actually win a given war in case of anything. Science has give a different approach to the occurrence in this poem, science explains that in a war one can win by use of superior weapons and strategy thus overpowering your opponents (Resnik & David, 24). As a result, science has made it possible for wars to be won by various forces. The kind of weapons that it has helped in the discovery has been taken as evidence that actually a war can be worn without necessarily consulting the God of the unknown.

Belief in religion is also common in the Old Testament and this has drastically been declined by Science and Philosophy. From the occurrence that are seen where David orders Nathan to anoint his son Solomon as the king, in this period, they believed in the existence of the higher power and every occurrence that occurred during that time was totally by the grace of the super natural being (Casanova, 14). During the time that Solomon has been chosen as heir to the King, the he is considered special. God is said to appear to him in a dream where Solomon as an individual to have asked for wisdom from God so that he would be able to guide his people with optimum wisdom and be able to differentiate the bad from the good. In one circumstances, Solomon is said to have helped distinguish the true mother of an infant fro an impersonator as a mother. During that time, it is believed that wisdom is the ability that enable Solomon do so. With the current development with Science and Philosophy, science to be specific Biology can explain the occurrence and fully deviate it from the beliefs of religion as it is depicted in the Old Testament.

In the book, Machiavellis The Prince, a lot is done supporting the fact that Philosophy advancement has by far caused the drastic decline in the dependence of religion as an explanation to any unusual occurrence. He believes that for the occurrence of a successful leader then religion will not be the solution of anointing anyone but a leader had to nurture his reputation. He believed that a leader had to nurture his or her personality to be a statesmanship and above all a war craft. This means that one had to he believed that the only way that he could set up a [peaceful nation with good laws was by ensuring that the military force of the country was naturally strong for war. These are facts that have been widely denounced by Philosophy and science at large allowing the power and soundness of a country to lie with the people.


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