Smart Technologies - Free Essay for Your Inspiration

Published: 2022-06-02
Smart Technologies - Free Essay for Your Inspiration
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Smart Technology refers to the different kinds of physical and logical applications that are in formats that one can utilize so as for accomplishing a given data processing activity. This kind of technology is made up of devices that can adapt in an automatic mode and also modify the different kinds of behavior as a way of trying to fit in the environment where there are sensors and analysis of different aspects (Doorn 1). This kind of technology analyses the way one is behaving or operating to adapt and come up with a behavior that will improve performance, care a better form of thinking and also make sure that the kind of reasoning is self- generated for a better form of sustenance.

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The smart devices are made in such a way that they fully understand all the simple commands that are issued to them by the users based on the kind of daily activities that take place. In that case, the smart devices that are of this kind of technology are in the form of tablets, smartwatches, smartphones, phablets, smart glasses and some personal electronics (Doorn 3). Most of the smart devices are small in size, and that means that they bear a better form of portability. Also, they are made in such a way that they connected to any form of network to facilitate the sharing of data in an interactive mode. There are still some television sets and refrigerators that have been classified under smart devices. In that case, it is essential to find out some of the ways the smart devices have been able to transform lives when looked from the perspective of communication and media. Smart ecologies have been able to transform communication and media in the twenty-first century by making sure that people can use the email efficiently, send instant messages, share media using social platforms and also take part in advert related activities.

The smart mobile phones are under the smart technology, and that will be the main point of focus in this case. The smartphones have been embraced and used by many having in mind that they are manufactured in such a way that they can facilitate better forms of communication (Higginbotham 3). In the 20th century, the computers were the only devices that could be used to access email messages. The 21st century now has the smartphones with glass touch screen that enable people to issue commands from a virtual aspect.

In that case, they have transformed communication as people can now use the email services frequently having in mind that the smartphones are always in the palm of their hands. Sending and receiving of messages via email has now become more comfortable with the use of smartphones. The transformation, in this case, can be seen from the fact that email has now been able to be used as the primary form of communication among people who are taking part in business transactions. Also, it is relatedly cheap and fast as compared to all other platforms that facilitate the sending of files. This conclusively proves the fact that smart technology has transformed communication and media in the twenty-first center.

The smartphones have also led to increased rates of communication and sharing of media files using the social media platforms that have emerged out the same. Some of the social media platforms that people are currently using are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and WhatsApp (Kazys 5). All these are channels of communion which make sure that people send and receive data fact as compared to the way it was in the 20th century. In short, the world has become global and flattened due to communication transformations that have been facilitated by smart devices such as smartphones. In this case, there are mobile apps that run on the smartphones, and they enable media personalities and journalists to share news and entertainment files to a large of group of people within a short time. The rate at which people are getting news in the twenty-first century is high as compared to the way in the was in the previous centuries. The smartphone has led to the fact that people can now get access to the things that are trending in the world without having to move from one point to the other.

The smartphones are also made in such a way they have alarm clocks, GPS, cameras, and texting capabilities. Media companies use all these features as a way of disseminating updates and news to different parts of the world. All the elements are incorporated into single devices, and that means the bulky GPS devices are no longer in use in the 21st century due to the advent of the smartphones (Kuul 5). All these are a feature that is still channeled under the social media platforms that will be finally used to share the results that have been obtained from the GPS research and also from the images that have been captured by the devices. The kind of pictures that are captured by the smartphones are generally high quality, and that is the reason why many people have opted to refrain from using the actual cameras. This is a clear indication of the way the smartphones under the smart technology have led to a transformation in the world of media.

Advertisements have been done for many years over the television sets and through radios, but they have not been doing well in that line (Commander 3). Many adverts have not been received by the intended groups because they do not have accesses to the television or the radios. This is a matter that has been solved by the smartphones having in mind that they have led to global village journalism. The device has some digital tools that facilitate better forms of connecting among people who are different geographical locations. In this case, the companies that want to advertise the products use the social platforms which will be accessed by people who can be able to afford the smartphones. The smartphone is also cheap, and that means many people can afford them from any locality. In that case, the communication that is taking place in the 21st century is top notch. This can be seen from the way many organization has been able to undergo expansion and growth due to the number of customers that they get has increased.

The advertisements that are shared over the smartphones get too many people as compared to the way it was over the television sets and radios. Most people spend their time using smartphones, and when they get connected to the internet, some ads keep popping up so that they can be able to touch the links and see what is being shared (Lisa 7). This has boosted both the communication and media sectors. The communication aspect of this is that the smartphones have made it easier to share the ads with many people within a short time. On the media side, the smartphones have led to a better way of sharing the files containing the advertisements. Also, people are using the smartphones to apply for jobs in the communication and media centers because the market has become wide and there are also many entrants.

In conclusion, the smart technology has led to a better way of taking part in communication and also when it comes to media-related activities. In this case, the smartphones have made people use email as the most common mode of communication frequently. It has also facilitated the sending of instant messages when it comes to the utilization of social platforms. Additionally, it is also used by companies when they want the world to know the kind of things that they are selling when looked from a broader perspective. In that case, the smart technology has led to some transformations in the field of communication and media. There have been developments in business, increased rates of contact and it has also boosted the cohesiveness among people who are in different geographical locations. In that case, the smart technology has made sure that the 21st century is full of a globally oriented village.


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