Essay Sample Answering Some Questions about Schooling

Published: 2022-08-23
Essay Sample Answering Some Questions about Schooling
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What do you think schools will look like in the future?

I think schools in the future will go more electronic. Most students will not need to attend classes since they will be able to see, and here teachers by use of their computers, at times they choose to be the most convenient (Burke, 2015). There might be a lack of social skills among most students due to failure to attend classes. The future school will; values and diversity of all individuals will identify effective strategies for teaching, ideologies, and techniques.

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What changes would you like to see in schools and the education system?

As teaching is very important in every stage of human life, I would like to see it transform to a highly trained, highly paid, respected profession. By doing this, talented and skilled people will be attracted to apply for the job, bringing greater benefits to the table (Burke, 2015). I would also like to see all students being taught according to their personal needs, in the various ways they can learn and be successful in their industries.

What aspects of your schooling have you enjoyed the most?

Client's opinion.

How important is a part of life attending school?

It is important to attend school because it teaches us on the ways of the world and, gives us the tools we need to succeed in the job industry (Epstein et al., 2018). Many valuable lessons are learned outside the school classroom that include; behavior, work ethics, social skills and above all, a person gains a sense of individual achievement.

Do you think you can learn as well or better at home?

Some advantages come along with homeschooling that involves a lack of standardized lesson plans and bullying. In homeschooling, children can still get great access to friendships, online learning and extracurricular activities (Ray, 2015). I don't think I can learn better at home, but I can still learn from home. It is beneficial because I will learn at my speed and will be provided with instructions that are precise.

In your opinion, do students who take schooling at home miss out on any important experience?

Students who take on homeschooling lack on socialization. Socialization involves navigating the society's social norms and rules of behavior. This kind of socialization can only be obtained in the school setting through peer interaction (Ray, 2015). Although most parents are still arguing that various social aspects in the school affect their children and that the one they gain through life experiences around their families is better.


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