Essay Sample: Time Travelling For Health Specialist

Published: 2023-04-02
Essay Sample: Time Travelling For Health Specialist
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Going back to the 15th century with the existing technology in health will bring a great impact on people's lives. In the 15th century, many people swept away by common diseases such as tuberculosis, smallpox, bubonic plague and many other illnesses that have not been highlighted. People perished of these diseases due to lack of exposure and knowledge of what condition they were dealing with and on how to control the spread of the diseases.

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However, looking back on the middle age era, many challenges would have been solved if they had the present scientific knowledge in dealing with health issues. Therefore, if a health specialist of the present era with the current knowledge and skills in health would have been sent back in that period, there would have been miracles in the way diseases would have been dealt with. For instance, the health specialist would have identified which type of infection is affecting the people through the symptoms and signs as manifested by the disorders. Hence for the health specialist things would have been more natural since there will be knowledge and a better understanding of the type of disease that is affecting the patient.

When one looks back in the way people lived in the 15th century, it is quite contrary to the way we are living at the moment. In the middle age era, people were being controlled by Christian believers who misled them by making people believe that diseases were associated with evil and sins of going against the will of God. It is through this ideology and ignorance that led conditions to triumph over the people and sweep hundreds of those that transmitted them. The authoritative rule that the church had over the people also hindered many people with coming up with the knowledge that would have assisted in finding the solutions to the health challenges at that particular time since nobody was to question the church since it was against the church's laws of competing with God.

Although, little knowledge existed on handling the health problems diseases continued to kill people. Therefore despite the existence of specialist in dealing with health issues, they faced challenges in treating the diseases since most of the illnesses were addressed by the same use drugs, therefore, making some diseases thrive fast and destroy large masses such smallpox. Although the technology was a major constraint at the time of middle age era, most of the people were very ignorant that they never turned up for treatments as they were isolated and alienated as they were taken to be cursed and having evil spirits.

However, if a health specialist of the current world would be in that era, things would have been different since he would have passed the information and knowledge to people that would have changed there thinking and perceptions on some particular diseases. The main challenges that the health specialist would face is that of the church and transforming the people's beliefs. The health specialist would have suffered from the accusations of questions, God's will from the church and even execution charges. At least he would have brought a significant change in the lives of the people through eliminating ignorance and educating the people on how they should be preventing themselves from disease attack. And most of the people would have changed their way of thinking and awaken up from the church concepts of believing that diseases were associated with curses and disobeying God.

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