Situational Analysis

Published: 2017-12-13
Situational Analysis
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Situational Analysis Example

One of my professional conditions that turned out to be unsuccessful could be described in the following manner. In my previous occupation as a senior management consultant, I was put in charge of a financial planning team. We were offered a chance to provide financial planning services within a short duration of time to our client. I was among the members of the team that spent a decent couple of weeks laboring incredibly hard on the deal offered. It was clear and evident that our organization was without a doubt the excellent choice for the agreement.

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Sadly, the deal went sour for us due to poor coordination between the team and the client. Moreover, at some point, the team had become reluctant, and it saw that the task would be handed over to us. Also, the objectives that were set towards this task were unrealistic. There was also conflict emanating from the group due to differences that occurred in opinions. Additionally, the needs of the client were not well understood. Our company had a good rapport with the customer, and we had just completed a very productive job for them. This was a huge blow for us when we lost the chance.

Situation analysis example

I was certainly very baffled at what appeared an exceptionally uncalled for choice, mainly having invested an enormous amount of exertion, finances, and time into the contract. However, we did not give up at that point as we continued productively requesting for other opportunities to sell out our financial services. Our team deployed mechanisms that would help in resolving these issues. One of the things that we incorporated is conducting an analysis to recognize where we had gone wrong while handling the client. The team set objectives that were SMART.

Besides, the team stopped taking opportunities for granted and we began to carry out our activities more professionally and started offering attractive packages to our customers so as to be more competitive in the market. We enhanced our team work and met regularly to analyze the progress and the challenges being encountered by the team. Moreover, I invited professionals in the line of financial planning to come and impact knowledge, discuss on the challenges and the relevant methods that can be used by the team to improve the sales of the services offered.

We did obviously take in a few lessons from our past disappointment in that it is paramount for a client not to be taken for granted and that any work presented to be done, needs to be at the top notch level to provide high-quality results (Straw, 2015). The client is the king of any business. Personally, I gained some knowledge on the ground that it is crucial to pay extra attention to the specifics of the customer's business and to find hidden meanings more. By so doing, it enables to know what expectations the client might be having towards the job issued out. As a team, we learned that it was imperative to satisfy the customer's needs since, once a job is well done, then, we often get referrals and hence this causes us to increase the revenue of the company and expand the business. In conclusion, I also learned on the importance of working as a team because two heads are better than one. Through this situation, I learnt that realistic objectives need to be set as challenging as they can be yet very attainable.

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