Free Paper Sample on Global Health 101

Published: 2022-06-22
Free Paper Sample on Global Health 101
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Part one: Significance Of the Topic of Study

Health is one of the most important facets that will never cease to intrigue a person who cares for humanity. This is actually why health matters have become a global concern in all the four corners of the world. However, why should others care about the health of other people, especially those in other countries? It is just a matter of paramount concern that the health of people must be an essential concern for all of us. A simple fact is that diseases have no respect for boundaries and a person with tuberculosis TB can infect score in a year. Another reason why health matters run on the global flanks is that it is just ethical that a people are well and healthy. As such, it is possible to curb many deaths. Ideally, there are several causes of human death among which disease play a significant role (Skolnik, 2015). Of all the classes of deaths, unintentional injuries have also presented itself as one of the major cause of death across the globe.

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Part two: Ways Confirming the Challenge

Unintentional injury is one of the leading causes of death; it has attracted the attention of many caregivers alike. It encompasses an act that harm, damages, or hurts the body due to an acute exposer to electrical, chemical, mechanical, thermal energy or just the absence of such essentials such as oxygen which strike in the wake that the victim or the caregiver is not aware. The pattern at which people meet the unintentional injuries differs from place to place as well as depending on the activity one frequents. Importantly, a class categorized as unintentional injuries emanate from most of the things people frequently do, and in many cases, they feel being "experts" in carrying out such activities (Skolnik, 2015). For instance, an old man who often expertly fixes electric bulbs and has done that for a period topples one day and eventually dislocate, and his life is never the same again.

Part three: What stood out during the Reading?

The rate at which unintentional injuries happen has gone on the rise. Some of the leading causes unintentional injuries include, traffic accidents, drowning, home fires, poisonings, falls, and forces of nature with road traffic accidents having the lions share as far as unintentional injuries are concerned globally (Skolnik, 2015). Surprisingly, road accidents take a toll on low and middle-income in the same measure as in high-income countries.

Statistically, the World Bank designated deaths coming from unintentional injuries have contributed on the upper hand to the high rate number of death across the globe. Ironically, the data rates are not particular regions or country's possession, but the rate seems to be on the rise in all countries. For instance, unintentional injuries pose a significant problem on high-income countries which translate to about 90 %of deaths experienced in such countries just in 2010 (Skolnik, 2015). Coming after the road accidents, are the fire accidents, drowning, and falls. Poisoning ideally has a low rating compared to others, but the fact that is has a number of death rate attached to it does not change it's a risk for humanity.

Part four: Issues That Surfaced during Reading

Another intriguing element based on the number of deaths and injuries if the gender. It has been noted that many are the males who becomes the casualties of unintended injuries and even the death coming hand with the injuries compared to female. About two third of the registered deaths from unintentional injuries are males. This elicits the idea of life expectancy of the men compared to women counterparts. The general factors thus are placing men at a lower index of surviving since males are two times more vulnerable and are likely to die from almost other categories of unintentional injuries except for the case of fire for which women are likely to die than men (Skolnik, 2015). Through age-wise, when the leading causes of deaths are examined, it is found that unintentional death risk killing more men aging 15- 49 years.

When a coin is flipped, then we are left with much more to wonder. Death in its totality is not the only set back unintentional injury places on the victims. There are many cases of reported as well as non-reported disabilities people live with as a result of unintentional injuries. For instance, a study of fatal and nonfatal injury within two states in the US reported tens of thousands of death from injury but also identified an overwhelming number of injuries for which medical care was sought over in the course of another study. This ideally translated that for every individual who died due to injury, there were about 100 people who sustained severe injuries enough to seek the support of a professional healthcare practitioner (Skolnik, 2015). Nonetheless, the figure was a non-representative of injuries in which case the victims did not seek medical help.

Part five: Inequality And Social Injustices in Health

The case is up with children too, and they have not been spared as far as cases of unintentional injury are concerned. Another study in us concerning children indicated that for each child under 19 years who is fatally injured, there are approximately 45 others who require hospitalization.

With close examination of the consequences of unintentional injuries to the families, there is a clear-cut picture of financial cost and burden that entangles the whole thing. In 2006, the world health organization estimated the direct costs due to traffic carnages alone to be $500 billion annually (Skolnik, 2015). Following the regional level of burden intake, Asia continent had the highest direct cost which was attributable to road traffic injuries with Africa being the least affected.


Skolnik, R. (2015). Global health 101. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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