Free Essay on the Shakespeare's View of Basic Human Nature in King Lear

Published: 2019-05-24 21:15:39
Free Essay on the Shakespeare's View of Basic Human Nature in King Lear
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King Lear is seen as a person without any order of leadership exchange in the Kingdom of Britain, and this causes a great problem in his life. According to Shakespeare concerning basic human nature in King Lear, misuse of power has been evidence whereby King Lear decides to give up power among his three daughters, (Erne & Lukas 2). King Lear accepts his two daughters, Cordelia, and Regan deceptive option and thinks they love him more whereas their plan is to get the inheritance. King Lear disowns his faithful daughter since she refuses to join her sisters to deceive their father. Shakespeare shows how King Lear is not bothered or moved by the act of hand in marriage where the King of France takes Cordelia to be his wife despite her losing sizable dowry when everything is given to Goneril and Regan, (Erne & Lukas 18). Lear fails submit easily to his daughter Goneril, and with no options decides to stay in Regans house, and this is proved when he sends Kent ahead with a letter as a form of preparation.

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How Shakespeare attempts to explain what goes on inside out psyches

Shakespeare explains psyches when he gives the event that take place in the book. Two of King Lear daughters plan on how to deceive his father so that they get power, (Erne & Lukas 2). King Lear in his mind decides to hand over the power only if his daughters will express the love they had for him but this result to wrong motives from Goneril, and Regan his daughter. Cordelia lacks words to express the love to his father and this makes her to be disowned. When the King of France realizes how honesty Cordelia is, he asks for her hand in marriage. King Lear has no alternative than to stay with Regan his daughter who follow what her elder sister Goneril say. Gloucester arrives back to hear the plans of Goneril, and Regan which involve murder, (Erne & Lukas 30). Despite Regan, and Goneril ready their troop to fight, Kent sets of with Lear hoping for reunion between daughter and the father. Gloucester also tries to make his way to Dover not knowing that through this encounter he will find his lost son Edgar. Lear thinks everything is well since Cordelia is defeated and expects him to be jailed with his beloved Cordelia. Orders changes and Cordelia imprisonment change to death.

How Shakespeare illustrate the influence of the outside world and our own inner desires

King Lear thinks he will be treated very well by her daughter but this do not happen since he gets the worst of which he never expected. This creates a feeling of remorse and this brings a terror of madness, (Erne & Lukas 46). The younger daughter is thought to be the one to inherit all the wealth and the power from his father but this does not happen, and this creates a separation between the younger sister and the other two. Despite the victory, evil natures of Goneril and Regan soon destroy them. Goneril poisons his sister Regan. In realization that Edmund has been fatally wounded by Edgar, Goneril kills herself as well. Edmund takes last breath, and repents while the order to execute Cordelia is reversed. This order comes too late and Cordelia is hanged, (Erne & Lukas 50). Lear appears carrying the body of Cordelia in his arms and with grief he bends over Cordelia body but there is no sign of life any longer. This level of strain overcomes Lear, and he falls dead on top of his daughter body.

Work Cited

Erne, Lukas. Shakespeare as literary dramatist. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

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