Independence and Reflective Critical Thinking Essay, Free Example

Published: 2022-06-03
Independence and Reflective Critical Thinking Essay, Free Example
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One of the critical determinants that differentiate human beings from animals is the ability to think critically and rationally in such a way that they can reason out through challenges. As a rational being, I understand that independence of thought and reflective critical thinking is essential in promoting this rationality concept that not only assists in solving issues in somewhat humanistic ways but also ensures that the rights of each person are maintained in the process. In my case, I used Belbin's team role report test to facilitate my independence and reflective critical thinking process. Belbin's team roles which include the implementer, resource investigator, plant, monitor, shaper, coordinator, complete finisher, team worker, and specialist are vital in reflective critical thinking (Batenburg, Maur & Walbeck, 2013). I performed this self-assessment in the residential weekend, and notably, it is the lessons that I learned in this course that has provided the framework that I have used throughout this reflective statement.

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Cultural and Ethical Awareness

With increased globalization, there is a need to ensure that in any case, cultural and ethical considerations are considered during teamwork. For instance, I was in a rather diverse team in the Business Game Project which constituted of people from different backgrounds and arguably multiple cultures. Although I had the zeal to put forward my arguments and adding to the fact that I was confident that what I proposed were the best options, I had to consider other people's opinions regarding what they want to bring to the table. Indeed, the epitome of ethical awareness is in being able to ensure that democracy prevails whatsoever the situation. In this respect, all individuals irrespective of their culture or even race should be given chances to air out their opinions and voice towards fostering growth and development in the group. From a personal perspective, I ensured that I adhered to this to the best of my ability. In the end, impartiality is vital to achieving unified advancements in the context of teamwork.

Leadership and Management Skills

One of the challenging responsibilities that every leader has is to be able to ensure that each team member manages to grow from a personal perspective, and in the end, the team wins in its course. As a strict believer that a leader is not supposed to play a dictatorial role on his/her members, I was open to views of different persons in the residential. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of my peers in the residential weekend helped to encourage them to play a role in something that they were good at and also, make sure that they had fun in so doing. It is necessary to note that the best actions and decisions are made and undertaken by an individual who is involved and in "love" with what they are doing. This is why I undertook to have everyone in the team to use their different talents to foster growth. I am confident that I played my role well as evidenced by different compliments such as one of my peers who told me, "You were a great mentor and coordinator!"

Development and Application of International Business and Management Theory

The benefits that one stands to gain from an extensive understanding of International Business and Management Theory cannot be underestimated. Admittedly, I took the initiative of not only understanding the theory but also applying it such as during the time that I have attended the masters' class. I understand the effects to which technology has contributed towards making the world a global village and now more than ever, communication all over the world is almost seamless. This is why I applied the 5D's of digital marketing in my literature review. The 5D's include digital devices, digital platforms, digital media, digital data, and digital technology (Chaffey, 2018). Another case where I applied my knowledge in International Business and Management Theory is in an internship with a digital marketing agency. Here, I aimed at utilizing the opportunities presented by email marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a bid to expose the agency's services and products to a broader market. In the end, I realized that if anything, technology has revolutionized marketing strategies from a local perspective and on the international platform.

A Range of Research Skills and Project Capabilities

In the course of my growth, I have managed to acquire and appreciate the need for proper researching skills. Being a good researcher is important irrespective of whether one is a student or a professional. Indeed, everyone has to dig in and find relevant information about a particular topic. One of the essential assignments where I applied a range of research skills was for a dissertation which required extensive research and amicable knowledge regarding connecting the findings to my thoughts and perception about the topic. For example, I had to use credible sources which play a crucial role in shaping the framework of the dissertation. Some of the sources that I used are reliable websites and google scholar which aided in pointing out the appropriate academic papers. The databases of Mintel and Smart Insights were also vital especially in finding statistics regarding the topic. In the end, I understand that every person has to find information at one time or another and it is at this stage that a wide range of research skills come in handy.

Specialist Knowledge about Theory And Practice of Digital Marketing

As noted before, technology has worked a lot in revolutionizing marketing, and in the recent years, restaurants have joined the race of using the digital market to reach and appeal to potential customers. While on internship, I had enlightenment, and I decided to research the impact that online reviews have on restaurants' reputation. This was in light of the way that many people tend to rely on online reviews regarding a product or service before they purchase it. I am no exception, I also look out for reviews before deciding to go out to a restaurant or buy a smartphone. In the process, my main aim was to find out the relationship of the various subgroups of SEO such as online reviews and how they impact the restaurant industry. I was wary of the fact that in today's world, everyone seems to be glued to their gadget and it will take the right eye to work on using online reviews to enhance marketing. In the end, a mastery of the art of visualizing online reviews for their importance is essential in marketing restaurants.


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