Free Essay: Antibiotic Abuse Killing Thousands in Thailand

Published: 2017-12-27
Free Essay: Antibiotic Abuse Killing Thousands in Thailand
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In the recent years, there has been increasing cases of body antibiotic resistance in the world. Such cases have been reported in most developing and developed world, among them being Thailand. After taking a deep analysis of the article The Antibiotic Resistance Crisis, it can be noted that the consequences of antibiotic misuse have led to the body resistance hence leading to increasing death reports. Some of the micro-biotics that are resistant to antibiotics are like pneumonia, malaria, urinary tract, tuberculosis among others. The objective of this paper is to conduct a CRAAP analysis that will focus on the antibiotic misuse in Thailand. The articles in focus are Antibiotic abuse killing thousands in Thailand by Tan Hui Yee and the secondary source is Antibiotic resistance - Higher tier from BBC.


The publication of this article was on the 12th of November 2016. The date of issuance of this article makes it more reliable; this is because it is much updated. The information presented in this article is what has been happening in the recent months. Furthermore, the mortality rate mentioned in the article seems to be reliable since it has backed, by the current information cited by the United Nations. The presence of the update gives accurate figures hence, measures can be put in place to manage the situation as it is reported in the current perspective.


The issue in this article concerns the increasing abuse of the antibiotic drugs which has led to the medication resistance to the micro-organisms in the body. The article analyzed the mortality rate in Thailand and the trend among its citizens who opt to purchase under-dosed antibiotic rather than seeking proper medication that will cure them of the disease for once. The use of antibiotic used to be a life saver, but currently, it has become health threatening. This topic is much related to my research in exploring the leading cause of deaths in Singapore and the world in general; the misuse of medications is causing that.


Tan Hui Yee joined began his research career in the year 2001, he has received international recognition through awards such as The Society of Publishers in Asia and Newspapers and Publishers, for his outstanding research work. He made the composition and publication of this article as one of the Straits Times correspondents. His work is based on research on psychology, the social issue as well as gender related issues. The publication of his article is based in Thailand. The sources used in the article are more reliable since the recognized health organization has cited them; among them include, the United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO), US Food and Drug Administration, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) together with other hospitals that are within Thailand. Furthermore, CDC has played its role by identifying the bacterias that are resistant to the antibiotics hence threatening human lives.


In this essay the reliable article used is Antibiotic resistance - Higher tier. This supplementary source rhyme with the issues discussed in the article since it focuses on the consequences caused by the misuse of the antibiotics as well as its resistance. This source affects the reliability of this article such that, it focuses on the current issues regarding antibiotic resistance and the measures proposed to mitigate the crisis, The article Antibiotic abuse killing thousands in Thailand has backed up this source by focusing on the same issues with bacteria as it is in Thailand. The article has become specific by evaluating antibiotic resistance currently in Thailand.


The article was created to raise awareness of the increasing mortality rate witnessed in Thailand and other parts of the world. This article has taken the significant steps to shed light on the issues of the antibiotic and how has affected the society. Also, the article has focused on the way the toxic antibiotic is being ingested into the human system apart from taking the antibiotics themselves. In that, the antibiotics that they are given to the animals so as to prevent them from getting ill in future, toxicant animals and when slaughtered, they are consumed by human beings while having the toxic antibiotics in their flesh. The article also has emphasized on the causes of the antibiotic resistance.


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