Essay Example on Changing Families in the United States of America

Published: 2023-01-12
Essay Example on Changing Families in the United States of America
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Demographic trends in the United States of America have shown a severe increase in the separation of families and the presence of single motherhood today. A number of these factors regard the fact that transnational families are part of the many families who separate and end up raising single families (Kennedy,2013). Demographers have reported that over time the trends of divorce and marriage have changed because of the changing demands and exposure of education. Increase in divorce is the most prominent behavioral change that has affected families over the past few decades. It can be related to the growing demands behaviors of change in the fundamental structure of the education systems.

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The evolutionary theory explains that possible direction occurs in the manner of social lives of in individuals and relate to the inevitable need to fulfill the demands that come with alteration of the physical and social environment. It assumes therefore that change is inevitable and natural and occurs in the belief if tremendous improvement of the human stages of development.

Demographic trends in the United States of America have shown that like marriages the divorce rates are diverging on education. The trend in the last over 20 years exposes retrospective reports of women who have a had permanent separation or divorce during the previous ten years as counting to over 45 percent of the new marriages during those years (Cherlin,2010). Life table e4stimates based on the education levels have shown that between 1990 to 1994 the number of individuals who divorced had higher levels of education compared to the individuals who had low levels of education. According to the research, several factors have influenced the higher divorce rate in the country (PerelliHarris,2017). Issues such as multiple partner fertility have led to increased separation rates between partners in the United States of America. This is a situation where adults have more than children with more than one partner. It explains that in the marriages, 2o percent of the births are from unmarried partnerships reason has led to several breakups within the families of the individuals who have been married. The multiple factors of fertility are already too common in the United States of America.

Divorce and health is another crucial aspect that has been a significant factor for separation in several families today. Results from a significant meta-analysis expose the increased risks of disease infection in several families as relative to married adults and as primarily leading to multiple family divorce today (Brown,2012). When a partner contacts a disease a number of studies have exposed that their partners end up leaving the marriage in order to escape from contacting the disease. This is mainly in relation to sexually contacted diseases. A number of young marriages have therefore been split because of health issues and aspects.

The result of divorce of parents In the United States has been several mental illnesses on the behavior of children in which an examination exposes an included 13000 who have experienced divorce as having behavioral problems, more negative self-concepts, and more social issues today (Haimi,2016). Some of the reason for this kind of health issues of children who have undergone divorce include the fact they lose contact with their parents, economic loss and stress.


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