Free Essay on the Role of Modern Technology in Communication Efficiency

Published: 2019-06-26
Free Essay on the Role of Modern Technology in Communication Efficiency
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Technology plays a critical role in enhancing the life of modern humanity. The 19th century witnessed accelerated technological developments that have radically changed very many aspects of society. Aircraft and Spacecraft were invented, easing the movement of people and information from one corner of the world to another. In the early 1990s, a new technology of mobile telephony emerged and spread in many countries. This technology greatly improved communication across the world. The advent of the internet made the world smaller than before, facilitating easy movement of information from one part of the world to another in a matter of seconds. These technological advancements continue to improve each day to the betterment of life of humanity. The overall effect of these improvements is the increased efficiency in communication in various occupations of the human race. The aim of this essay is to examine the role of modern technology in fostering efficiency across all spheres of our modern life.

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Communication Efficiency in Sports

Modern technology has enabled smooth running of sports organizations a result of natural movement of information from point to another. Education through video conferences and other electronic meetings is commonplace in modern-day coaching. Trainees and coaches are not forced to meet physically to conduct training sessions. They can access information from any geographical location in the world and interact with the coaches. The effect of these developments has saved a lot of time traveling to educational centers thereby improving the quality of training at the same time reducing the financial costs associated with such instructions. The result of these developments is the increased access to professional sports education for aspiring sports coaches. Also, use of modern information technology has enabled stadium managers to institute appropriate measures to ensure the safety of fans during sports events. Installation of state-of -the- art security cameras in the stadiums allows the security officers to monitor efficiently incidents in the sports arenas for the safety of fans and participants during games (Moradi, Honari, Naghshbandi, & Jabari, 2012). The benefit of these measures has significantly improved the confidence of fans in their safety leading to increased attendance in the stadiums. The translation of this increase in attendance is more revenue to the sports organizations.

Improved technology plays a vital role in decision-making at modern day sports events. Special cameras are now being used to aid match officials in making decisions during games. These cameras help to determine the validity of the decisions made in the pitches and enhance accountability of the match day officials. For instance, surveillance cameras and GPS systems are frequently used to in Rugby games to help the referees in ascertaining decisions about scores. The development above has increased the quality of officiating meanwhile reducing controversial decisions in the sport ((Venter, Opperman, & Opperman, 2011). According to the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), adoption of goal-line technology in 2014 significantly improved the quality of decisions made by match day officials. Through the use of sophisticated technology, cameras assist the officiating teams by determining whether the ball crossed the goal line or not. The technology is meant to eliminate the frailties of human decision making during matches and reduce instances of anger from fans that cause chaos in the stadiums as a result of controversial decisions by the referees. Moreover, latest technology has improved the efficiency in decision making regarding punishment of players and fans that show indiscipline in the stadiums. Fans who promote racial abuse in the stadiums can easily be identified and punished thanks to the surveillance of cameras installed in various spots in the stadiums. The above approach has made relevant officials single out and punish them these offenders without victimizing innocent match attendees. The mentioned technology has also helped match day officials to punish retrogressively players on the pitch but are not spotted by the officials at the time of the incident. Footages of misbehavior in the pitch are later studied, and retroactive punishments meted out to the players involved (

Communication efficiency in Business

The advancement in technology has made a considerable contribution to fostering efficiency in the business circles. The latest technology facilitates information flow from the traders to clients. The advent of Internet communication has seen a tremendous increase in the volume of trade as a result of efficient information exchange between the buyers and sellers. In point, the marketing teams of organizations can reach millions of people across the globe through internet advertising. Customers go the internet and search for the various products they need and locate the business firms that offer such products. Through the utilization of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, companies can now advertise and reach the targeted customers without making physical contacts. The art of advertising has also been enhanced through the use of latest communication channels such as cookies on the internet. Marketing companies use this software to trace website preferences of internet users. The cookies send information to the command centers of these organizations once the internet users search for information related to their goods and services. By storing the browsing history of internet visitors, companies can send pop-ups whenever the users access the internet. In the end, they end up marketing their products reaching many existing and potential customers. Furthermore, companies have improved the efficiency of attending to customer issues due to improved technology. Customer complaints can be easily be handled through email and social media sites (Gopal, 2010). Customers neednt make physical visits to the premises of the business organizations for their issues to be handled. The channel mentioned above offers them a chance to talk directly to the customer service teams without making physical appearances.

The improved efficiency in the banking industry is also as a result of the advancement in communication technology. The banks utilize the latest technology to conduct their business not only in the country but also other parts of the world. Transactions between local banks and other areas of the globe are quickly carried out with the help of internet software that link their servers with offshore subsidiaries. Payments methods such as Payoneer are a product of modern technological developments. Money is electronically transferred from one country to another without much involvement in paperwork or personal transportation (Gopal, 2010). These developments have improved communication efficiency in that information on bank transactions is quickly and accurately passed to the customers no matter where they are located in the world.

Mass media communication and governance

Subramanian and Smahel(2011) found out that technological advancement in media has improved the flow of information from the media to the public. Media outlets utilize social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, Linked-in WhatsApp to quickly pass information to the public. The social networks have not only made it cheaper for consumers to access information but also enabled the public to be part and parcel of the channels through which news and latest information is relayed from one person to another. The pubic use their mobile phones to capture news events and send them to the media houses who respond by making follow-ups to ascertain the credibility of the reported happenings. As such, overreliance on the conventional communication channels has been reduced considerably. These new avenues are quicker and more convenient to members of the public than the use of TV and newspapers.

The use of modern technology has also enabled the government to pass information to the public through the social networks such as YouTube and Facebook. The public can access government information on policy through these channels from any location provided they have access to the mobile phones. It is through these channels that the citizens receive the awareness of the various government services that have been launched to serve the public better. Also, the modern technology is relied on by politicians to conduct campaigns. Presidential candidates use the social media to mobilize supporters and other resources essential to running an election campaign. These politicians target young people through who form the bulk of the voting population and are considered heavy users of modern technology (Subramanian & Smahel, 2011). The politicians achieve efficiency by breaching more voters in a quicker and less costly process.

Science and Homeland Security

Technological developments have offered the security agencies effective and efficient strategies to counter the increased threats to national security. Enhancement of satellite technology has made it possible for security personnel to monitor the activities of suspected criminals and thwarting their plans for committing atrocities such as terrorism. The technology mentioned above is also used to conduct surveillance in the airspace so as to deter any possible attack on the country. It is very common for troops to use satellite technology for taking the images of enemy territories and relay this information to the relevant strategists in wars. The information obtained is used to analyze the positioning of enemy troops and the geographical characteristic of the battlefields. The use of drones has made an immense contribution to the war in so far as collecting information is concerned (Franceschetti & Grossi, 2010). The use of these sophisticated forms of technology has enabled quicker collection and access to intelligence information, resulting in improved efficiency in the provision of homeland security.

The advancement in technology has, however, contributed to increased threats of insecurity. Terrorist organizations use the latest technologies to plan and attack innocent civilians. Through the use of modern forms of communications, they can collect and relay information between themselves that is finally used to analyze targets and devise most efficient strategies for accomplishing their missions. These technologies ensure effective coordination during the time effecting attacks and have proved to be a significant challenge to government authorities. Modern communication avenues such as Facebook and Twitter have been utilized to lure young people into joining terrorist groups. Young men are contacted through these social networking sites and money is efficiently sent to facilitate their movements is sent through the modern banking innovations (Franceschetti & Grossi, 2010). Furthermore, modern technology has led to increased criminal activities on the internet. Passwords and sensitive information is hacked by cyber criminals and utilized in carrying out illegal activities such as access to bank accounts (Gopal, 2010)

In conclusion, modern technology has improved efficiency in communicant in many aspects of our lives. It has improved the conveyance of information in sports and other gaming activities. Also, the use of latest technology has revolutionized the way business is conducted across the globe. Moreover, the media houses and the government use modern technological avenues to reach the masses. Modern technology has also improved efficiency for security agencies to gather information about possible threats to peace and security in the country. On the fl...

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