Free Essay - Role of Educational Leaders in the Future Schools

Published: 2023-04-20
Free Essay - Role of Educational Leaders in the Future Schools
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The world is advancing and so is technology. The current generation is also changing to be a digitized era where everything is about the internet and technology that is used in schools, hospitals, research centers, workplaces et cetera. However, according to various research, most schools in Dubai still use analog forms of teaching due to their culture and beliefs which seem difficult to change (ten Bruggencate et al., 2012, 712). It is evident that in the future, the role of educational leaders will change as teaching will always be made easier (Ball, 2007). The action needs to be incorporated in Dubai schools to update them on current technological advancements and find ways of embracing them for digitization. In most cases, the role of educational leaders is always to lead the implementation and development of an effective educational program, support educators and students to implement the planning cycle effectively, and provide curriculum guidance and direction as well as collaborate with educators (Leithwood et al., 2005).

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Moreover, to effectively help the Dubai schools, certified principals can be incorporated to ensure the smooth running of the school and update the trained staff on the current technological advancements (Lynch, 2012, 45). Future schools will never require a teacher or lecturer to be present in class for teaching to continue. There will always be online classes depicted in projectors as well as tutorials to make students understand the concepts being taught (Deal & Peterson, 2016). The action can only be ascertained if the school principals follow up on the progress of the school as well as feedback from students on how they are being taught (Harris et al., 2013). The principals will also compare the digitized ways of teaching in their schools with other competitive schools by checking the student's performances in various subject fields from other schools. In case their teaching methods are outdated, they will always find ways of upgrading and updating the systems to be in line with the advancing technology (Dimmock, 2013).


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