Free Essay on Rhetorical Strategies and Stylistic Devices

Published: 2018-02-03
Free Essay on Rhetorical Strategies and Stylistic Devices
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The use of stylistic devices and rhetorical strategies is the use of language and words in content or writing such that technicalities add influence to the ideas, meanings, and feelings. In article essay by Samuel Johnson, there is the usage of various techniques. In this paper, the rhetorical strategies and stylistic devices are transparent and analyzed.

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Rhetorical and stylistic devices

First, the use of is imagery is evident. The author of this article evokes the sense of seeing when stating that the blameless actions are said to have infliction on men who have the satisfaction of poisoning the banquet. The usage of imagery in this article has been used to bring life to the material. Then there was the expression of envy as the weed of the mind as it corrupts one thing Also the author states that interest is reducible to a narrow compass meaning the use of interest to many dimensions.

Second, the author has rhetorical questions in his context. The author expresses the opinion that idleness and pride are everywhere in the world. In fact, he asks, "in what place will they not be found?". The usage of the rhetorical question, in this case, lays emphasis on the point that it was hard to eliminate envy completely.

Third, there has been the use of symbolism. In the context, the use of hungry tigers has been used to show enemies with malicious intentions. The hungry tigers are presented as the result of the collision of interest among individuals with the same goal. In the article, the statement laid down using ‘poisoned arrows’ indicates the declaration to fight envy by all means as a resolution opinion of the author. The use of symbols has been used to make the article more interesting.

Then there has been the usage of alliteration in the context. There are various words in the context that have been the statement of the effects of envy; the writer states that the envy can "spread suspicion." The consonants are repeated in this case. The use of alliteration brings life to the essay and makes it interesting.

Rhetorical strategies examples

The use of exaggeration is in the context. The author states that it is more than natural to rob gain. It can never be the quest of nature to rob in any manner. However, the author indicates that it is more than natural to rob the gain. He also adds that one can ravage only for mischief. The shattered fortunes in the context are expressed as the fragments. Surely wealth cannot be destroyed to the extent of particles. The use of the exaggeration is to add more taste to the paper.

Also, there has been the use of paradox. The author refers to the reduction of the reputation of and author to be requiring little industry. We know that industry is a significant ground and little means a small thing. But the little industry, in this case, means there are no complex procedures in making someone less famous. Also, the author states that the envy is a genuine evil. Genuine is the direct opposite of evil. Genuine evil, in this case, refers to the unmixed wrong perceptions that are towards envy. The use of paradox makes the article livelier.


Samuel Johnson is keen on the use of various stylistics devices. This makes the passage more interesting to the reader with the addition of taste to the paper. They also lay emphasis on different ideas and feelings of opinions. Along with clarifying issues, the stylistic devices also add freshness to a context.

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