Free Essay Comparing and Contrasting Different Methods of Job Analysis

Published: 2022-07-06
Free Essay Comparing and Contrasting Different Methods of Job Analysis
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Job analysis entails a systematic manner of collecting and analyzing information about a particular context to determine the duties and skills required to qualify for a specific job. There are many methods of doing job analysis including the use of Hay group guide charts, questionnaires as well as the use of interviews. Despite having different advantages and disadvantages, all the three methods provide realistic information regarding the work done by the job holders, and managers consider using them when designing job descriptions and specifications. These three methods would be the most appropriate ones to measure the three previously highlighted factor variables; know-how, problem-solving and accountability and give a comprehensive insight into the job description and specification. The methods are easy to implement and assess both deliverables and rewards at the same time.

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Although the three methods look similar in accomplishing their objectives, they differ much in the manner by which they are utilized. The first method, the Hay Group Guide Charts, differs from others because it uses figures and charts to make direct comparisons with reward strategies of other organizations. Questionnaires and interviews rely on individual persons to give information and assess deliverables and the expected rewards. The accuracy of the job analysis by Hay Group Guide method depends on the ability of the person performing the job analysis to draw the appropriate charts that can be easily interpreted. On the other hand for questionnaires and interviews, accuracy depends on the ability of the specific person taking question or interview to understand the questions and give correct and reliable information. Questionnaires and interviews only differ from the presence of having an interviewer or the moderator to collect useful non-verbal information. In this regard, the interview method has an interviewer who clarifies the meaning of the questions in case the subject does not understand.

Developing a Plan to Undertake Job Analysis

A suitable method of job analysis should consider issues such as equality, confidentiality and the overall organizational culture to ensure appropriate job description and specification. First, organization culture is an essential consideration in job analysis because culture significantly influences the performance of an organization. Culture determines the manner by which employees interact in their workplace as well as promoting working relationships. A healthy culture is important because it makes the employees to become motivated and loyal towards performing their tasks. Managers should, therefore, pay attention to the organizational culture especially when planning a significant organizational change or reforms to avoid any hindrance. Equality entails treating all the workers equally while giving them similar opportunities regardless of their background. During the job analysis, equality will make all workers feel appreciated and valued despite having a different set of abilities and skills. Equality is also useful when assessing employee's know-how, problem-solving skills as well as assess whether the employee can be accountable to the designated job responsibilities. Equality would improve employee morale leading to improved productivity and hence the overall organization performance.

Confidentiality is another issue that should be considered during the performance of job analysis. Confidentiality is important because it enhances a better analysis of the worker's accountability, know-how as well as a problem-solving technique. Confidentiality reveals whether the employee recognizes the expected tasks as part of the job responsibility. Besides, confidentiality in job analysis helps to assess whether the employee has excellent problem-solving skills to deal with diverse situations that could arise when performing the designated responsibilities.

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