Can We Create Our Own Happiness? Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-06-01
Can We Create Our Own Happiness? Free Essay Sample
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Happiness is a condition that every human being looks forward to having all the time. Being a common condition to human beings there has been numerous research in the aim of understanding happiness in depth. One of the arguments that have risen is on whether we are responsible for our happiness. Some have felt that we cannot create happiness. However, on my side, I believe that we have the capability of creating happiness for ourselves. This is through the things that we engaged in as discussed below;

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Not being obsessed with things that are beyond our control; there are things that we experience in our lives which can take away happiness from us. For example, it could be an economic problem in the country that is causing the price of things to go up. These things are beyond our abilities and concentrating on them will not change anything. For the economy of the country to get back on the right foot there are the forces that need to act which are beyond us. It is therefore advisable to create our happiness in the midst of this crisis by focusing on other things that we have control over.

By stopping unhealthy comparison; all people can never be the same. There are people who are smarter than others in the class. There are others who have wealthy and influential backgrounds that they can afford anything that they want in their lives. I have learned to create my happiness by not comparing myself to these kinds of people. If one understands that we can never be the in the same level or have the same capability, it will help in creating happiness. For example, one will not beat himself up for scoring a low grade because we all are gifted differently, and we could be gifted in other areas such as games.

Exercising regularly; Exercise is a very important activity that helps to create happiness. When we exercise we release the tension and stress that could be making us unhappy. The blood can flow throughout our bodies supplying oxygen to all parts of our bodies. Having our organs working effectively makes us feel relaxed and boost our moods.

Choose the battles wisely; Man is full of ambitions. Some of these ambitions are too unrealistic that achieving them is impossible. This results in stress and depression as one tries to figure out how to make them work. The best way to avoid such a scenario is to set realistic goals in life. The goals that can be achievable. By achieving these goals no matter how small they are it gives us contentment and happiness.

Helping others; sometimes happiness is tied to being there for our friends or colleagues. When we give a hand of help to our friends when they have trouble are in need of our assistance we end up being the ones benefiting more. There is that a feeling of worthiness that comes in us making us feel good about ourselves. Seeing others happy or making it in their lives because of our effort creates happiness in us.

Having optimistic people; it is normally said that birds of the same feather flocks together. This implies that whenever we keep optimistic people in our lives, we become happy. We need to keep people who are supportive of our dreams in life and are always there for us whenever we require them. These are the people that we should hang out with them because the makes our lives lively.

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