Essay Sample on the Role of a Masters Prepared Nurse in Inter-professional Practice Settings

Published: 2022-09-23
Essay Sample on the Role of a Masters Prepared Nurse in Inter-professional Practice Settings
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Inter-professional practice started as early as the 1920s, but efforts to make it something formal in the medical world was not until the 1970s (Bridges, Davidson, Odegard, et al., 2011). Inter-professional collaboration, coordination, and cooperation teams in the healthcare system have been instrumental lately in bringing out personalized primary care and integration of separate components such as technology and home-based treatment. Inter-professional models integrate professionals from different medical disciplines (nursing, pharmacy, doctors, technicians, caseworkers and so on) working together for the sake of the patients.

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These collaborative teams are rich with experience, energy, skill-set, time management, role coordination, and communication skills. Nurses are an integral part of inter-professional teams. Registered Nurses (RNs) with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, in particular, assume very important non-clinical roles such as leadership, coordination of team efforts and supervisory duties (Fowler, Conner, & Smith, 2018). An MSN could also specialize for example Informatics, Critical Care, and Gerontology (Bridges et al., 2011). These clinical specialties mean that the MSN provides valuable technical assistance in inter-professional practice.

An MSN nurse has been prepared to deliver not only care but also be the primary practitioner in communications between the clinical institution and the patient, or family. The MSN nurse has been taught in management skills. An inter-professional collaborative team has many nurses at different levels of practice. An MSN nurse comes up with policies for the responsibilities and duties of nurses in inter-professional teams (Tofil et al., 2014). Some nurses could be student nurses, some unregistered intern nurses and others Registered Nurses. In an inter-professional team, coordination of the team of nurses is a role expected to be performed by the Masters Prepared Nurse.

A Masters prepared nurse understands management principles. He or she knows how to get delivery of services effectively using the strengths and skills of the other team members. A Masters Prepared Nurse understands how all her nurses' work, the motivation they need. She additionally gives confidential advice on an unofficial basis. The inter-professional practice setting is centered around the best form of delivery of care to the service users and their families. It is a widely known fact that in the medical world, the field of nursing provides more social interactions than any in a hospital setting (Gerard, Kazer, Babington, et al., 2014). In situations where news has to be delivered, it is usually the nurse who knows how to talk to the patient and their family.

A Masters prepared nurse knows the importance of effective communication in the treatment process of patients. As such many inter-professional collaborative model teams have a Masters' Nurse at the helm of communication. The MSN nurse is the pivot and link between all the other medical professions; pharmacists, doctors, lab technicians, clinicians, social workers, psychiatrists, surgeons and so on (Fowler, Conner, & Smith, 2018). In an unofficial capacity, the nurse is the common link of all these other professionals in the dispensation of duties (Gerard et al., 2014). Granted that a Masters' nurse may rarely be given leadership of the entire inter-professional health care team, he or she is the de facto reliable engine in the group.

The Masters prepared nurse understands just enough of almost all the other medical fields. As such, the Masters prepared nurse listens to the professionals in case they are stressed. He or she understands the demands of the job more than any other professional by being all over; in the ICU, at the pharmacy, in management, at the lab and so on. In addition to the all-around knowledge and advice that the Masters' nurse gives her colleagues, she also has tons of experience. First-hand information on previous medical cases could be useful to the inter-professional team.

The role of nurses is still evolving and with emerging issues such as technology, artificial intelligence and so on interprofessional teams and the responsibilities of MSN nurses will also shift with the trends in the future. Nursing is a demanding profession, but I believe I am up to the task. It is my goal to pursue this program, Masters of Science in Nursing because the job market is becoming extra competitive, requiring so much out of nurses these days. Getting my Masters will surely help me navigate through the professional world and anticipate emerging and future trends.


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