Immigration Policy Essay Sample

Published: 2019-05-27
Immigration Policy Essay Sample
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Immigration is one of the major issues affecting our country in the modern day. The rate of illegal immigration in the country has increased significantly as many people continue to flock into the country in search of greener pastures. One of the causes of such high rates of immigration is the fact that there are many job opportunities in the country and chances to a better living in the countries. A move by the Obama administration to fight illegal immigration into the country has faced many challenges has many factors that can lead to its failure. The main challenge this move will face is not the poor structure of the policy but the negative attitude of the leadership toward the implementation of such a move.

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The article bumps along the path to citizenship exposes some of the challenges illegal immigrants face in order to become American citizens. The article criticizes Obamas move to try and ease the nations accommodation to these people and grant them an easy time becoming American citizens. According to the article the government spends too much taxpayers money in educating these illegal immigrants to ease their assimilation process. The article assumes that the government spends too much money on ESL programs to educate learners that re not eager to learn. The illegal immigrants are too busy working instead of learning causing wastages of the taxpayers money. This assumption is a fallacy that fails to consider the input of these illegal immigrants into the country. The main reason that most people move into USA illegally, is because there are many job opportunities in the country but there are few Americans willing to do them. For instance, Mexicans are known for doing most house chores in many homes; a job many Americans are not willing to take. These immigrants help in the growth of the country and better the economy. A program to teach then English is just but a small price to pay in comparison with their contributions to the country. The assumption that these people are too busy working and are not keen to learn English is a misguided assumption. These people sacrifice a lot to get into the country without the correct documentations; learning English is jus a small price to pay for them.

Edward Aldens article Winning the next Immigration battle, is another indicator of the attitudes Americans have towards immigration. In the article Alden discloses the need to ensure that Obamas immigration policy does not fail like the 1986 policy. He argues that giving the immigrants easy access to American citizenship does not guarantee the decline in illegal immigration. He however emphasizes their importance in the country as they provide both skilled and unskilled labor to help steer the country to quick development. Using detailed facts he reveals ho immigration policies have changed since the 1986 and the possible factors that might have led to the failure in curbing illegal immigration. However his argument that the borderline patrol implemented by President Clinton has led to the increase in illegal immigration is a misplaced fact. The borderline patrol has limited the number of illegal immigrants but provided other avenues for immigrants to penetrate the borders. The move by President Obama to provide easy and legal frameworks that will enable the easy and legal immigration processes, will be the first step in promoting the improvement of the nations affairs.

The legislation proposed by President Obama and the democrats will ease the immigration process for many foreigners that want to get into the country. The people that fight the whole idea of having foreigners in the country should remember that America used to belong to other people before Columbus anchored therein. It is therefore unfair to prevent other people to come and explore opportunities in the country like our forefathers did.

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