Psychology Essay Example: A View on Psychological Problems

Published: 2020-10-12
Psychology Essay Example: A View on Psychological Problems
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Psychology on its own refers to the study of mind and behavior. A focus on psychological problems means a closer and deeper understanding of the mind and its effects. Of essence to note is the resultant effect that includes interference with physical health and emotional experience. Psychological problems have a wide variety of causes, for example, genetic and environmental factors. Narrowing further are secondary causes of psychological problems-car accident and sudden loss of someone- and if not watched closely can result in permanent mental illness. Flashpoint Season 1 Episode 6: Attention Shoppers is a classic example that portrays real life psychological problems.

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The movie is of an urban setting and clearly shows us how our mind and behavior can be affected to a point of reduced mental status. Our main character is Tasha, and we also have minor characters, for example, Jackie, Irene, Tashas Mom and police just to mention a few. Psychological problems are of many types, for instance, childhood disorders, personality disorders, family issues, depression, schizophrenia, stress and maniac just to mention a few. All this explain the need to having psychologists in the world as the problems cannot be avoided.

Tashas mom, for instance, has been portrayed as one with drinking problems by the soldier. This is a problem as she neglects her roles as a mother. Moreover, this affects Tasha as she does not receive moral support. Addition to this Tasha is a student but struggles with the multiple chores of family service and keeping the house tidy. She gets up early to prepare breakfast.

Tasha suffers from childhood psychological problems. This is evident when the young girls mock and torture her. They lay accusations on her that she lied to the cops about their friend Michael Donacosta. She is affected mentally by the rape attempt. To add on this is the fact that the other girls promised to kill her and always had to run for her life. Information from her boss further says she was a victim of attempted rape, brutalized and retaliated.

Talking of Irene and her friends, we deduce that they are faced with a psychological problem. At such a young age, they are never expected to act as they did. Bullying, torturing and mocking Tasha portrays an impulse control problem. They beat her up mercilessly and further shaved her. Irene on the interview reported Tasha as a psychopath and makes it bitter by saying she killed Cassandra and shot her in the arm. All this was false.

Tasha suffered from family problems. This is evident when her boss says she is a good kid, not doing drugs, hardworking, not in a gang and that she is trying to do things the right way, but it becomes hard when you live where she lives. At some point, Tasha speaks to the police lady saying that she has nobody and cant go home. School or work. Allen and Britt emphasized the importance of resources of various types in interrupting the individual relationship between the incidence of stressful life events and occurrence of a psychological disorder in an individual. (Annette U. Rickel, Meg Gerrard, Ira Iscoe, 1984) She suffers stress as her life is threatened by the girls and when the hunt by police began she even gets worse. She hides and in vain calls her mom with tears filling her eyes. She also calls her boss and tells her the truth that its her who killed the girl.

Tasha suffers depression and desperation. She sees the world pointing fingers at her and does not know what to do. On different occasions, she attempted suicide. She pointed the gun at herself before her conscience convinced her otherwise. This shows that she felt guilty about what she had done. She shot one of the girls who tortured her, and this was a means of self-defense. Her hands trembled as she took the shot and this shows that she was not courageous enough to kill. The hunt by police depressed her further and when she was at the raised reels she felt she had no reason to live but rather die.

Anxiety as a psychological problem is key to note. They include panic disorder, social anxiety, and overwhelming fear. This is a case that would not go unnoticed in Tasha and all the experiences she underwent. Jackie tells her she has been looking tired for the past two weeks. She instead says, can I save my breath now. She got anxious in the bathroom when the girls who mocked her came in. Jackie was more worried as the police ordered the people to assemble in the middle of the mall. Before the call from Tasha, we could note how unsettled she was could be because she didnt know of Tashas whereabouts.

In conclusion, we should acknowledge the different types of psychological problems. They should be taken positively and always lasting solutions gotten. Tasha lacked support and indeed speaking she was not a psychopath and if left alone she would be mentally ill. Thanks to the female police who soft talked to her and saved a life. She would have jumped. The paramedic support showed great concern for her and made her feel loved and belonging.

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Flashpoint Season 1 Episode 6: Attention Shoppers

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