Essay Sample on Rocky Journal Article

Published: 2023-05-01
Essay Sample on Rocky Journal Article
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Article Info: From Rocky (1976) to Creed (2015) "Masculinity" and modesty by Clementine Tholas Clementine Tholas' article; "From Rocky (1976) to Creed (2015) "masculinity" and modesty" presents the author's argument on the presentation of Rocky Balboa as the film character in Rocky films. The author argues that Balboa is perceived differently, owing to his heroic acts in boxing. Many people do not understand the other side of the humble boxer. The author further incorporates the aspect of age in filming as a phenomenon that has diverse views on personality development. Tholas goes ahead to illustrate masculinity in Balboa changes to modesty over time. The article is structured unusually and effectively. It first presents the rise of Rocky Balboa from 1976, where the character, introduced as a masculine boxer, has introspections and dilemmas hence fight to become famous and putting down all those humiliated him (Bloch et al., 2018). The author then clarifies the aspect of humility in Balboa in the film of Creed, further illustrating how the character stands to remain different, unlike other professional boxers, an act of modesty.

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The first and second part of the article presents an illustration of how each of Stallones' work gives credit to Rocky Balboa as a professional boxer, whose actions prove distinction and personal motivation. The boxing series continually showed the maturation in tactics of Balboa as time progressed. Additionally, the films show how the boxer's life is surrounded by relatives and friends who seemingly remain in the boxing field. His wife Adrian and son Adonis, as well as other friends, are identified in the boxing field. The article further illustrates how Balboa faces challenges with his family, personal life, and economic problems. Balboa regains their identity through fighting where he would overcome his failures and trials. This perfectly brings an understanding of Carl Jung's theory of neurosis (Bloch et al., 2018). Thus, self-analysis can be a tolerable response to existential suffering. I, however, disagree as this, on the other hand, may directly affect individuals' personalities, which may harm them.

The author disagrees with the continued portrayal of Balboa as a hero whose introspections and personal dilemmas motivated him to fight and win despite his age (Tholas, 2017). Tholas further adds that this wrong perception of Balboa has made people believe in fighting to get what they want. A different personality of a humble and meek Balboa, as described by the author, is relatable to the success of the character's boxing career. He, like any other human, faces different challenges every day. For instance; his cancer sickness, loss of his wife, and other failures. His humility and view of things that challenge him present a different way of dealing with situations in life. The film of Creed in 2015 further shows how modesty of Balbao still helped him win against his opponent. The actor described as retired, and being older for the task re-emerges in the Creed, he is heroically received and further gains in the battle. The discussion of the author is exciting and reflects the current life of celebrities. The public portrays the lives of most stars, specifically boxers, as fierce or similar to the characters on the screen. This is, however, a different case. For rocky, masculinity becomes internalized outside cast and represents any other family man, husband, and caring trainer who finds different approaches to solving his battles rather than boxing.

Tholas challenges stories of fame which most people desire. Instead, in the article, he presents humility as a winning factor that Balboa embraces to become a better man. Ideally, many people celebrate Rocky for his masculinity in the action franchise. Balboa's modesty, love for family, and patriotic character are not popular among the masses. This article remains educative and informative of identifying and emulating the lives of heroes. The young generation today has a lot to learn in this article, as far as Rocky Balboa and the Rocky films are concerned. Celebration of triumph should not be inclined on masculinity alone but in aspects that present wellness for others.


Bloch, A. M. (2018). Psychiatry, cultural competency, and the care of ultra-orthodox Jews: Achieving secular and theocentric convergence through introspection. Journal of Religion and Health, 57(5), 1702-1716. DOI:10.1007/s10943-018-0678-z

Tholas, C. (2017). From Rocky (1976) to Creed (2015): "masculinity" and modesty. The French Journal of Media Studies, 6, 1-12. Retrieved from

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