Review Essay Sample for Nanoparticles Article

Published: 2019-12-20
Review Essay Sample for Nanoparticles Article
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The article on nanoparticles is of great importance as it educates the society on nanoparticles, the effects of the same how to control the health effects of the particles. The author uses a simple language that makes it easy to understand for the general society that have limited knowledge about chemistry. This improves the understanding of the same making it easy for the society to understand the effects of the same and take part in reducing the impacts, moreover, the wide research, the acknowledgement of sources and the elaboration of properties of the nanoparticles make the piece credible that appeals to the confidence of the reader. However, there are various ways through which the article can be improved and one of them is by including statistics on the effects of nanoparticles, its sources, and to show personal experience with nanoparticles. Finally, improvement can also be done by highlighting the evidence of the effects of nanoparticles and the steps that have been laid towards prevention of production of the same.

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The introduction clearly relates to the ideas of the article as it prepares the reader for the discussion on nanoparticles and prepares the ground for holistic examination of the same. Although the ideas are clear and the language used is simple, the use of details in the description of properties of the nanoparticles might not be relatable to people without knowledge on chemistry. The author needs to elaborate on the environments where nanoparticles can be found in high quantities and the remedies to the victims of opportunistic diseases of nanoparticles. This would be of great importance to make the society benefit from the article. The part on the synthesis of nanoparticles need to be deleted as it is of little benefit to the reader.

Review for Effects of Acrylamide in Diet

The second article Effects of Acrylamide in Diet, offers several benefits to the society as it helps in sensitizing the population about acrylamides. The article highlights the specific foods that are high on acrylamide content and this helps the population to take keen interest on the kinds of foods that they take. The article also advises on how to maintain a balanced diet and highlights the benefits of the same in the reduction of quantities of acrylamide in the body. The main point that the article puts forward is that there is need for the population to reduce the quantities of acrylamide intake and acknowledges the fact that keeping control on the amounts of the intake helps in improving health conditions. Additionally, the article elaborates on the fact that the common diseases affecting the population is due to poor diet and less concern on healthy living.

The article can be improved by making dietary suggestions and the quantities that both children and adults need to take on daily basis. Additionally, due to the fact that some of the causes of increase in acrylamide in human beings are part of the society, the article needs to suggest ways through which the society should reduce the effects of the sources of acrylamide. There should also be made elaborate the strategies that the society has put forward towards reduction of acrylamide in foods, how to reduce the expose to the same and the health effects of acrylamide. The introduction relates well to body of the paper as it prepared the reader for the topic of discussion. The main point of the article is the effects of acrylamide and the author needs to take the biggest part of the article discussing the same.

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