Free Essay. Return of the Devil's Son by Big L and Criminal Justice System

Published: 2023-03-26
Free Essay. Return of the Devil's Son by Big L and Criminal Justice System
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Most media songs have increased impacts on people based on the renditions that are associated with them. In most cases, violent songs have specific dangerous implications that they bestow on people as well as expose others to an oppressive lifestyle. "Return of the Devil's Son "by Big L is the third album posthumous album released by the rapper in 2010. The song is a hip hop and horrorcore genre as well as a collection of many previously unreleased materials that includes outtakes, demo, and tracks from its two other songs that have similar outface. Return of the Devil's Son has SMC recordings and also features notable guest appearances from Kool G Rap and Royal Flush. The leading producers of the media piece include Large Professor, Buckwild, Lord Finesse, and Showbiz, among others. Big L., formally known as Lamont Coleman, is one of the most celebrated American songwriters and rappers. Throughout his career in the media and music industry, Big L has had an integral impact on the lives of many across America through his songs that were adversely captivating with exciting implications. Rationally, the media piece was a straight forward fact with many syllabic syllables as well as a sharp sense of humor, which is built to give it a pleasant exposition if played for people. As portrayed in the lyrical lines of the song, it mainly features major horrors that people were exposed to in their daily lives. Notably, according to the individual-level explanation of criminal behavior, the "Return of the Devil's Son" song exceptional features homicidal and violent lyrics that not only act as a reference to the illegal activities that were being realized in the region but also explain the rationales that it has on people as well as the possible solution. It reverberates on the essential renditions that can be used to distinguish bad and good behaviors through its lyrics.

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According to Lyon & Welsh (2017), most violent songs increase negative thoughts and emotions among people and can easily lead to aggression and, eventually, crime. The impact of such assault among people also varies depending on the implications that such pieces may have on listeners and the audiences regardless of the judicial systems that can be in place. However, in most cases, criminal justice has been a pint of concern in most social settings, and the use of different media precepts has made it easier to validate some essential concepts that can help in building a rational treatment of people. For instance, in Lyon and Welsh book, "The Psychology of Criminal and Violent behavior" the authors used a dispensable introduction to various psychological theories of violence and criminality to examine how both biology and psychology play a critical role in the understanding of specific rationales and issues that drive people to criminal cases. Through the exploration of the lyrical renditions that are revealed from Big L's song, the book provides an intrinsic relationship that can be used as a measure of credibility and relationship that exists between criminality and irresponsible behavior. The psychosocial explanations about criminal behavior are a significant concern in every field, and different media platforms have been used to validate the process. As a result, a balance has been developed as most prospects have portrayed a significant relationship between what is thought and the actual actions exhibited by people across various situations.

The connection to the psychosocial explanations of criminal behavior is an essential factor. It not only helps people to fathom the causes of such criminal acts but also uses other measures to validate the extent to which such concepts can be evaluated for a stable whole. Most studies have also indicated the exploring the relationship that exists between psychology and social lives of people helps in determining the sources of criminal acts and behavior that are exhibited by different people as well as some contingent values that can be used to determine the possible aftermath of such actions (Walsh, 2019). Similarly, such connections are meaningful because most concepts and theories that are initiated to explain issues within the string are exceptionally interested in the differences that exist among individuals in committing crime rather than the environmental conditions or situations that might push someone to indulge in criminal acts. It also provides the possible degree of impact that such actions may expose people to in their attempts to play safe and get rid of the menace.


In pop culture, the use of media to represent criminal behaviors and systems has been a significant concern. Most artists have taken the upper stage to ensure that such actions are portrayed and an amicable solution devised to eradicate any possible future implications. However, studies have indicated that the connection to the psycho-social explanations of criminal behavior is vital as it helps in determining the cause of various illegal activities that people have portrayed. It also reduces the impact of such action based on the criminal justice systems that are within the social settings.


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Walsh, C. (2019). The Utility of a Psycho-Social Approach for Understanding and Addressing Male Youth Violence: The Interface between Traumatic Experiences and Masculinity. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 1-20.

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