The Benefits of Homework - Education Essay Sample

Published: 2019-08-28
The Benefits of Homework - Education Essay Sample
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With the world becoming more and more diverse and full of exciting distractions, completing massive and often monotonous homework becomes a challenge for students. Whether or not homework should be a staple in students everyday life has always been a question of high controversy both in scholarly and in mundane circles. The critics of homework state that after long hours of class work it is at least unreasonable to demand from students several more hours of hard work at home. However, the benefits of regularly completing homework are unquestionably tangible and the whole idea is without any doubt worth pursuing. Such advantages as the ability to recapturing the learnt material, acquiring new beneficial skills and merely time spent with the family while preparing a task are just to name a few.

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First, independently performing tasks similar to those done in class helps students simply not to forget the new information and skills. The teachers that choose not to give any homework will inevitably face the problem of having to start over presenting the material every class simply because the students end up not remembering any of it at all. On the other hand, doing the task without the teachers help makes the students understand the material better and secure it in their memory. With help of doing drills and revision exercises students can reach perfection regarding the topic that they are studying.

Secondly, by learning how to solve problems on their own students acquire many useful skills like independence, persistence and time-management. With both teachers and parents being always there to help, students sometimes may lack autonomy to handle their problems. Another obstacle that they have to overcome is the variety of present-day distractions from malls to social networks. By learning how to set priorities and manage their time students obtain valuable skills that they are certain to need in their adult life.

Thirdly, the time spent on doing homework can become a quality time spent with the family and generate effective interaction with the teacher. With the growing speed of everyday life families find it increasingly difficult to make time for talking with and about each other. In case children ask their parents for help with the homework it can turn into a wonderful bonding exercise. In addition to that, doing homework under parents supervision allows the parents to watch their children progress at school and see what they are actually studying. Another aspect to this benefit is that analyzing the completed homework with the teacher creates the feedback both teachers and students need. Teachers need to see how well the material is secured and what problems students face while working with it, whereas students need the teachers evaluation of their progress or help with troublesome aspects of the task. Moreover, the teachers positive assessment boosts the students self-esteem and stimulates the desire to study further.

To sum everything up, the benefits of regular homework are hard to overlook. Not only does it facilitate capturing the new information and retaining the freshly-obtained proficiency but also enables students to acquire essential adult skills like perseverance, self-reliance and control over wasting time and procrastination. Completing homework on a regular basis can also become a valuable source of inspiration for family reunions as well as create positive and fruitful interaction with the teacher. Furthermore, the teachers grading and evaluation is beneficially reflected on the students confidence and academic progress.

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