Research Proposal Paper Sample: Trafficking for Organ Trade

Published: 2022-11-23
Research Proposal Paper Sample: Trafficking for Organ Trade
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It is commonly believed that the act of trafficking occurs or takes place for the exploration of commercial sex or even for forced labor but trafficking doesn't only take the form of human trafficking, but it may take a variety of ways like trafficking for forced marriage, trafficking for the trade of organs among other goals. Smuggling of the organs can be termed as a crime that takes place in a broad three categories. To begin with, there are cases where the traffickers use forces to the victims or deceive them to carry on with trafficking for organs where the victims give in and produce these organs for trade.

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There are instances where there is a formal or informal agreement by the victims to surrender their organs at a price to the traffickers but in most cases, the victims are not paid for these organs or when they are paid the money is too little, or it does not sum up to the initially agreed price. As such, this is a violation of the rights of the victims since they are at risk of their health as well as their lives. The traffickers have less consideration of the fact that they are leaving the lives of the victims at risk, but they are only after money and self-satisfaction regardless of the means through which they attain this satisfaction. This can be seen as a heinous act which should be highly condemned with the best terms possible. The traffickers under this category may be taking advantage of the poor or the less fortunate in society, and they entice them with money only to end up misusing their organs.

The third category of the form in which these traffickers carry on with their ill activities is whereby individuals who are vulnerable are subjected to treatment to an ailment or a thera[y that may or may not be in affecting them or affecting their organs. In this case, the victims are convinced that the organs are a threat to their lives and as such, they are advised to remove them upon their consent, or the organs are removed without the awareness of the victims. This is mostly done by the doctors and other health practitioners who are connected or are benefitting from the activity of trafficking of these organs.

The victims who are most vulnerable to this type of humiliations are the individuals who lack legal homes, the migrants most specifically the migrants who find themselves in freeing nations for work, individuals who are illiterate among other persons. This is a category or a group of people that is an easy target for the organ traffickers since they are seen as helpless and naive in the whole act. The traffickers mostly consider the organs from young people, but presumably, the organs may be taken from an individual from any age group. The organs which are common in the trade are the livers, kidneys among other organs. The organs that are removed from a victim with or without their consent for trading can be categorized among the illegal trade. This trade should be carefully reviewed and necessary actions taken against the traffickers. The issue may be a threat to a large number of people shortly when necessary measures are not accompanied with immediate effect The trafficking of the organs is a crime that is organized a good number of offenders propagates that. The recruiter who is among the offenders have the role of identifying the group of people who are their target and who are vulnerable, the staff at the hospital where they intend to get the organs from, the transporters , the clinical officers as well as the medical practitioners, the professors, the purchaser, brokers or middlemen who are often the contractors, the stores or the banks where the organs are stored are all part and parcel of these activities. It is evident that the entire chain is rarely noticed identified by the detectives and if so they are less considerate of the illegal business. The lack of exposure to these acts will lead to the emergence of dimensions that need to be fathomed accordingly.

Try to imagine a case like where your close relative or spouse or even your neighbor is exposed to such an act. It will be quite a humiliation and a disappointment to you when you lose a loved one at the benefit of other heartless individuals. Secondly, targeting the less fortunate individuals in society becomes even more alarming taking into consideration that these people are taken advantage of due to lack of their consent or even ignorance from some people. As we have seen earlier the business doesn't exist in isolation. This is because it has revealed the fact that it uses a chain of participants before its success. The organs should be acquired legally through voluntary actions but not the trafficking of organs.

The third article or the UN trafficking protocol outlines that the act of trafficking in the personal category has an inclusion of the smuggling for organ trafficking. The contract should suppress and induce high-level punishment to the traffic in persons including the removal of the organs and this will help to curb the trafficking activities. Another protocol that may be modified to help to control the trafficking of organs is the optional protocol on the sale of children. The memorandum outlines that the deal of the children through transferring the organs is an offense that is punishable in the court of law. The contract may be modified to include the trafficking of all the human organs, and the penalty is put under the peal cord under the constitution.

The world health organization have also m=not been left out here. It has well-stipulated principles that should be followed for the transplanting of the human organs. As such attempting to commercialize or commercialization of the human organs is a human right violation well as a violation of the dignity of human beings. They are having all these rules principles as well as the guidelines at hand. The traffickers easily assume them and move on with their illegal actions. The human rights activists have highly prohibited the trafficking of the human organs, and as such it has called upon the nations to include sanctions on all the bills related to trafficking of human organs like the financial gain, taking advantage of the human body, among others. These actions are significant in alleviating the problem in some ways.

To begin with, the penal codes in the court of law will make the traffickers fell the impact and realize the consequences of their actions, and they may hesitate to move on with the activities. The rules will also be useful as far as the recruitment of new traffickers is concerned. The traffickers will have a hard time to get recruits into the business because they will be afraid of the consequences of the actions. These laws are helpful because it has been noted that the responses on the trafficking on the trade of the organs have been more than lackluster. This is in consideration of the implication that this activity has in the health of the victims. It is therefore essential to have proper attention.

There should be law enforcement that is directed against all the individuals who are involved in the act as a remedy to this issue. The human right, as well as other non governmental organizations, should carry on with the training as well as creating awareness as well as orientation of the agencies of law enforcement and the staff working in the medical departments who are likely to be lured into the business and violate the rules of their profession and this may be taken as a crime. Awareness should also be made in the generation of the sections that are vulnerable to these trafficking acts. In the same manner, the public should be notified on the issues through the notice boards, the public media among other means and this should be made mandatory in the health facilities where there is the provision of health services. This will help to minimize the cases of the trafficking because the vulnerable groups will be aware of the risk and they will, therefore, be seeking health services in the facilities that can be trusted.

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