Essay Sample on Encouragement Strategies to Increase Positive Student Behavior

Published: 2022-12-01
Essay Sample on Encouragement Strategies to Increase Positive Student Behavior
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Positive learner behavior is a term used by the management of a classroom that is designed for teachers so that they can understand the reason why exigent behavior occurs, the present inspiration behind the behavior and disrupt the learning program so as to encourage and offer support for the required behavior. The early educators of childhood have come to the conclusion that it is crucial to teach children of young age about good behavior in the classroom. Research shows that they become less troublesome, and they interact with others and enjoy learning more. Some of these strategies include; being proactive, focusing on the "does" and not the "don'ts" and rewarding the students who conduct themselves maturely and also good behavior.

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When students are growing up, they tend to be very creative and curious about things and this makes it hard for one to control their behavior. An instructor has helpful skills that help him or her to reduce and weaken possible mattes before they come up. The best way to be proactive is by providing reminders occasionally and introducing rules and regulations for students who are new to the program. These include persuading the students to be friendly and nice to their colleagues, helping each other, cleaning up their toys and stuff, and using polite words such as 'please' and 'thank you'. A teacher should have a practice procedure and a drill for everything to make things right between the students and now punishing them each time. Teachers should also have a straightforward, encouraging, an augmentation system for the whole class and try to modify individual plans for students who have negative behavior issues. Coming up with a unique method of communication with the student's parent concerning the behavior and trying how to improve the student's behavior. Introducing common guidelines and outcomes that interconnected and logical, and implementing the students in ways that are favorable for them. Enlightening the students of the capability of their impact on how to run a classroom and form a clear relation on how you behave and how they behave.

Under many occasions, teachers have a manner of commanding the students whom they are taking care of to 'quit or stop' something they are doing instead of guiding them to a behavior that is acceptable. You should focus on telling the students on what they 'should do' and no what they 'shouldn't' because out of their curiosity they want to know why you are restricting them not to do a certain thing and they end up doing the 'don't' and thus promoting the negative behavior. For example, instead of telling them not to shout, tell them to use their silent voice. I order to achieve this you have to be keen on what the students are saying and ensure that their words are incisive and comprehensible.

At a juvenile age, many students like to catch the attention of the adults that they interact with every day. Make an attempt to identifying them when they are trying to be ethical instead of basically interrelating or punishing them whenever they are wrong. Teach yourself to listen to student's ideas and concerns, talk to them, and congratulate them about something appreciable they have accomplished that day. Try to appreciate them and make them feel better, and this motivates them to do something better next time.


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