Black Tuesday - Personal Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-12
Black Tuesday - Personal Experience Essay Sample
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It all started while doing my intern in one of the well-known bookshops in the area. Being an ordinary Tuesday morning, I prepared myself knowing that the normal job routine at the bookstore is always tiresome and requires much effort and dedication. On that very day, I managed to arrive at work late as compared to the other days. I could not visualize the reason as to why my colleagues were looking at me in a manner suggesting that I had done something wrong. I walked straight to one of my dear friends who happen to be having that surprise look on his face. What did you do yesterday evening? he asked. Still confused about what was happening, I couldnt control it anymore. We found ourselves somewhere to seats and told me that there was a rumor going around that I stole some books.

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Come to think about it, indeed I happened to be the last person to live the bookstore but that does not give my colleagues the audacity accuse me of stealing the books. I was summoned to see the manager give an account of where the carton of books was. I was innocent but the fact that I was left alone that afternoon gives no escape route. I just felt that the world could open up and swallow me alive just to save me from the shame that was steering at me. I could not defend myself to a point that even my friend thought I had stolen the goods.

That was the moment that I realized no one in life there are pretenders. I expected my friend to be there for me especially during that trying moment but alas, I was left alone with my God. My mind went to a monolog situation where it was busy asking and answering questions. My thoughts were over me to a point that I never heard being called by bookstore owner. He had been briefed on what was happening, and he had to call a meeting immediately.

It is over. That was what came into my mind. But what could I do? No one was there to go through this with me. Good morning? he started. First, I will like to ask for forgiveness for putting on of your colleagues in such an embarrassing state. Yesterday evening, I happened to have passed by the shop to collect some of my stuff and during that period, a customer came in need of some books. The same books that you are accusing one of your colleague. He said. At that point, joy went through my heart like a sharp double-edged sword. I could see the look on my colleagues faces written all over them. At least all was settled and everyone was good to embark on their daily routine. I am sorry for not being there for you when you needed me most. My friend said. We are all normal people and prone to making mistakes hence gave me a chance to forgive him.

Later that afternoon, I was called to the managers office. Through him, I received a letter from the owner of the bookstore. On opening it, I could not believe what was inside the envelope. Due to what conspired earlier during the day, I at this moment employ you to one of the permanent stuff. Accept this as a token of appreciation. That was the message in the letter. Now tell me, who couldnt resist that offer? Black Tuesday turned into a blessing.

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